View Full Version : rc-auction on Ebay

2001.12.24, 03:39 PM
Man, I just checked my delivery confirmation with USPS on their site and my payment to this guy was undeliverable. WTH does that mean? Did he reject it because I put a delivery confirmation on it? I had a feeling that it was too good to be true. Was he expecting me to send it by regular mail and rip me off? Man I am REAL disapointed. At least my money is comming back to me, I hope. I am not dissin' this guy YET, just venting my frustration. ARGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Man, my Christmas sucks!!!!!!! At least my Mini Z is running.

2001.12.24, 03:46 PM
did you send cash or money order? im sending in a money order to him today so..ya

2001.12.24, 03:54 PM
Dude make sure that you use registered mail or Priority with Delivery confirmation. BTW do you have his Mail addy so I can confirm that what he sent me is legit? Thanks