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2002.11.06, 04:59 AM
Well we have just built this track here in Ronneby ( Small city in south of Sweden )

It came out to be very funny to race on. :D

Im Testing the track (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Banan/Banan.JPG)

Part of the track (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Banan/Bana%201.JPG)

The cars are actually flying at the little "jump" (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Banan/Jump.JPG)

The place (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Banan/Lokalen%20h%f6ger.JPG)

Here we have space for around 20 racers to maintain their cars during race (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Banan/Lokalen%20t%20v%e4nster.JPG)

We who built the track have our own room to "eat" in *lol* (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Banan/Meckrum.JPG)

2002.11.06, 06:23 AM
Thats what I should be doing, not wasting time at work.

Nice setup.

2002.11.06, 11:46 PM
PITZON, I'm getting server down errors!? :( If you like, we'd be happy to set you up an album in the Gallery! :)

2002.11.07, 03:05 AM
o/t Mini-z, now that Avatar is just showing off now isn't it?:D :p

2002.11.07, 03:31 AM
Try again.. They had some problems earlier i think..

Amazing Avatar Mini-Z, Cool

2002.11.07, 05:25 AM
hey pitzon...

that looks like joan (from joan's geek page) in one of your pics...

2002.11.07, 05:46 AM
No Herman.. Joan lives in Stockholm and thats a long way from us here.. Dont know wich pic you meant but im the ugly one with the radio and the hungry guy with the hamburger is my friend M.Amilon.. He is btw a old quite respected 1:8 Buggy driver for Kyosho.. He is insane fast with the mini-z to, itīs hard to keep up with him.. :)