View Full Version : thinking of an article

2002.11.14, 10:18 PM
I have been thinking of righting some articles for you about the diffrent bodys i have and what I like about them and what i dont like. I was wondering if you would post them under the articles section on this seight.

2002.11.15, 10:35 AM
Aren't the "articles" supposed to be for everyone though? Something like writing an article about mounting bodies, or painting bodies would be more appropriate.

You might as well just write an article about the bodies you like and post it here in the forums. The forums are here for us to express our opinions. The Articles are there to help people viewing the Mini-Zracer.com site.

2002.11.15, 11:37 AM
well that does sound better. but i think the point i was trying to say was like a way to help people pick the body that is better for them as in what thay wont to do. for instince things that the tires cech on when turning and if it's dificlt to put in a light kit for it. but also i see what your going for that it shold be to help people do things. like on puting in lighting kits and making your own H plate. so maby we should both try and put things into it we wont to see there.