View Full Version : MSN group for West MI

2002.11.15, 06:29 PM
here's the link. if anyone in West MI is interested in getting together and racing or whatever, please join!


2002.11.15, 10:35 PM
DOHCDX, just a suggestion, but you might have more luck just using a thread in this sub-forum than creating an MSN group for which people have to set up new accounts etc. ;)

2002.11.16, 10:46 AM
well, i'm having a hard time tracking down anyone around here. :(

also, i've been advertising elsewhere, so i wanted one central place people could go. that, and all i have to do is send one email and it will go to everyone

2004.01.13, 09:56 PM
Hello...did you ever get anything going around here? My brother and I have a couple racers each and have a pretty good track going in my basement. The only place we know of to race around here is in Holland. No one carries any parts around here either. Do you know of any other places people race Z's around here? We've been thinking maybe we can find some people around here to get together and race our track. Maybe once a week or something. Free of course.


2004.01.13, 10:02 PM
no, i never got a chance to get anything going. i've just been screwing around with mine in the basement of my house.

i've heard of the place in holland, but i have no idea where it's at. i wouldn't mind stopping out there for a race.

do they have a website or anything?

2004.01.13, 10:11 PM
They are called House of Hobbies. 2763 N. 120th. 616-355-2064. I doubt they have a website. They were racing on Tues. nights but were talking about switching to Sat. They race on carpet. They charge 5.00 and give ribbons and stuff. Check it out