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2001.12.26, 05:42 PM
Just wanted to post something we did to make a great track that never gets old (or too advantageous to the regulars). we bought 300 ft of blue colapsable rubber hose 1 1/2 " dia. at Menard's and filled it with sand. We tied off the ends and it works awesome. It has a slight "cusioning" effect when the cars hit so they don't get too busted up. Another nice feature we found is that the cars kind of "stick" to it or catch when they hit it, as oposed to bouncing around like p******s. This was annoying at first but now we've grown to like the fact that it rewards those who drive well and punishes those who don't. Its completely portable and can be rearranged any way we want (we have 25-50 ft. sections). After trying many other ideas and materials this seems to be the best if you can't have a permanently in place track. I can post pictures and more info if anyone wants.


2001.12.27, 02:28 AM
Where can i get the hoses at? and how much? sounds like a nice idea. i'm in a process of building a track of my own in my garage. can you posts pics.


2001.12.27, 01:59 PM
We bought the hose at Menard's (the home improvement store). In the plumbing area by the clear vinyl tubing. It was fairly inexpensive, ~$10 per 50 ft. The more difficult thing was filling it with sand. The sand needs to be COMPLETELY dry for it to work (buy it in bags from an indoor supply). As far as filling it goes...
What we did is take one end to the peak of a roof and used a funnel to pour the sand down in. you have to keep working to the other end. This may seen like a lot of work but believe its worth it. Everyone that uses the track loves it. The sand is just heavy enough to keep the track from moving yet it is totaly flexible for hairpins or long bends. One of our favorite things is to bring a track map of a real race track, i.e.- long beach, interlogos, ect. and create a scale version of it.
Anyways, i will post some pics after we set it up next time.


2001.12.29, 09:15 AM
Great idea Kirk
Can't easily find the larger hose here in Thailand, but I have just picked up around 50 yards of ordinary green garden hose for around $4 equivalent and will fix a track shape by taping it down at intervals with duct tape. Should be just about the right height to contain the Mini-Z F1 cars we intend racing on it tomorrow morning. I will post some photos (if it works!)

2001.12.29, 10:07 AM
The local track uses white garden house screwed down to plywood that has been painted with rubberized roofing paint. Seems to be the best combination of rigidity, crash absorption, and cheapness.

Of course, their track is perminant so screws might not be the best idea for portable tracks.


2001.12.29, 10:35 AM
I think the owner of my condo might object to her lovely parquet floor being full of screw holes....

There again she might not be too happy to find that the duct tape has removed all the polish/varnish in selected locations! Doing a test tonight to find out whether it leaves any marks.

2001.12.29, 06:28 PM

Great idea, I've actually seen the 'sandbag sausage' idea before, years ago. I saw it at a 1/8th scale Nitro meeting I entered. The race meeting was a bi-weekly event held on a shopping mall car park and although the track was painted, they used the sandbag sausages on the outskirts of the track to prevent spectators from being sliced by them nasty Nitro's when they lost it in a corner!
Them old 1/8th Nitro's could do in excess of 70mph down the main straight and those sandbags brought them to an abrupt halt if the nitro lost it!

I'd clean forgotten about the concept and your mail informed many of us about a simple, cost effective and practical way to set up any shaped track in minimal time :D Good stuff!

Keep up the faith :D