View Full Version : diff in brushes!

2002.11.22, 04:04 AM
hi, i just found that the carbon brushes on my x-speed ran out, so i put the brushes from the stock motor on the x-speed, then i noticed my car run really slow, just wondered why and i open another stock motor and check if the bruehes are same as the x-speed ones, i found that they dun have noticable difference, same width and same size, but it says WA-18 on the x-speed and WA-22 on the stock motor, anyone knows what those mean?

2002.11.22, 06:44 AM
I am curious myself...I never noticed those numbers you mentioned.....maybe they refer to the hardness of the brush, or something to do with how much current they can cope with?

2002.11.22, 02:10 PM
may be hardness.
What I know is PN brushes do a good job for me.
at least, higher silver for more power. but also running out faster.