View Full Version : Alkaline vs Nimh

2002.11.24, 11:48 AM
In my race club, there is a rule, we have to use alkaline batteries when in race.
I found problem uding Alkaline, my car is going slow compare to other car using the same battreries.
A friend of my told me that because I am used to using Nimh batteries.
Any opinion?

2002.11.24, 12:02 PM
if i were u i'd go with the niph there just better sorry im a rookie

2002.11.24, 12:03 PM
but if u use alkaline but the one with the bigger hold

2002.11.24, 01:28 PM
Your car should run slower with alk's than what you're used to running NiMh's. But it shouldn't run slower than other cars running alk's. And if your friend is suggesting that your car is somehow tainted by running nimh and now goes slower with alk's... I don't believe that.

2002.11.24, 01:39 PM
nimh is pretty much better than alks in every aspect:

Price - you can buy a set and a charger and recharge your batts all you want
Run Time - Ist longer, much longer
Power/Torque - Your car will seem like a friggin' rocket after you switch

Yeah, NiMHs rule!:D

2002.11.24, 02:46 PM
Sounds liek some one is giving you the shaft... they are all using NIMH while tricking you into using Alkalines...

there is 100% NO REASON to use ALKALINES AT ALL.. no benifit in any way shape or form... price, run time, or speed are ALL better with NIMH...

1000 hours of Alkalines = 1000 sets of 4 Alkalines at a cost of 1.50 each, or $6.00 a set, or $6,000 every 1000 hours of alkaline use.

With NIMH your only looking at one set of NIMH for 1000 hours of life time (or more) for a maximum cost of 2.75ea cell (and thats over priced) *4 cells for $11 + around 30$ for a Rayovac PS4 1 hour charger your lookign at a big whopping $41.00...

I think 41$ cost less then $6000 dont you? thats a lot of parts for the Mini-Z heck thats a whole second mini-z for a guest car, and 5 or six sets of extra batteries for each one, and two chargers.. and then some....

They have no reason to use alkalines... just give 4 ppl a set of YOUR NIMH and race.. hahaha.