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2001.12.28, 12:58 AM
tell me about this. im about to buy a bunch of parts for my Z, and i was wondering what exactly toe in/out bars/whatever do, and what they are. help me

2001.12.28, 01:35 AM
Toe-in and toe-out is the angle of your front wheels.. say that you looking from the top of your car w/ out the body:

this is your front axle showing toe-in: /===\

and this is your front axle showing toe-out(like duck feet): \===/

the rear wheels should stay the same but it all has to do w/ traction. now if you get the kit they won't be this drastic what what kinda artworkd o you want off the key board ;) I would say that toe-in helps out more than toe-out. some like to mess w/ it and some doen't... if you do get it let us know what you think!

good luck

Greg J.

2001.12.28, 03:19 AM
You get better tracking on the long straight aways but a little delay action on the turns with the toe in...You'll notice it with the 2 degree but I would suggest using the 1 degree.

2001.12.28, 06:59 PM
im gonna be building a track w/ both long straightaways and chicanes. do you think that the kit is worth it?

2001.12.30, 12:51 AM
so toe in/out is the same thing as camber?

2001.12.30, 04:24 AM
Originally posted by wrcracer
so toe in/out is the same thing as camber?
I believe camber is the degree your wheels lean inward or outward when you look at the car dead on from the front of the car l==l or /==\

2001.12.30, 10:50 AM
Ok, here's a quick explination in mini-z terms:

Toe in/out: This is how wide the steering tie-rod is. If the bar is wider, it pushes the back of the steering knuckles apart which causes the tires to angle in like this: /---\ (viewed from the top). If you have toe-in, it will give you stability in the straights but make turning corners slightly harder because the wheel on the inside of the turn can't turn as much because of the larger bar (I believe 2 and 3 degree toe-in are available). I have the 2 degree bar on my Z and the straight stability is worth the consequent minor ammount of oversteer.

Camber: This is the relationship between the angles of the kingpins if viewed from the front. Negative camber would look like this: /---\ and if it were adjustable, would allow your Z's tire a flatter outside contact patch of the tire. Since the tires are only 1/2" wide, I really doubt camber adjustments would make any difference.

Caster: This is the relationship betwen how far forward or backward on the kingpin the wheel axle is. If it is further forward (positive) it will be easier to keep the wheels going straight but will be harder to turn the steering. This also can't be adjusted.

I would assume that it could be possible to make custom caster knuckles and maybe machine a front bulkhead to accept custom camber kingpins. Most likely it would be expensive and unlikely to cause a significant handling improvement over stock.


2001.12.30, 01:11 PM
i see. those little diagrams are viewed from different points. thanks for the help.;)