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2002.12.01, 07:21 PM
Here is my Z with Topcad parts installed. I have the X speed motor, high grip tires, Deluxe Motor Mount, Rear Damper, Side Dampers set, Ball Diff, Bearings, Aluminum Top Cover, Stainless Kingpins, Carbon H plate, Front Stabilizer set,Blue light kit,Audi TT body, Tie Rod set, Front 1 Degree Knuckle Arms, Silver Wheel Nut set.

2002.12.01, 07:23 PM
Here's a shot from the top.

2002.12.01, 09:07 PM
insulate that antenna quick!!!

get an o-plate and get rid of that heavy roll shock set! jsut an idea...

what are the 2 wires that are jsut randomly dangling in the air?

2002.12.02, 12:15 AM
the two wires are for the light kit!

Upgrade to the A motor!

Insulate that atenna!

2002.12.02, 09:24 PM
I just installed all these parts an hour before I took the pics YESTERDAY. I'm not taking anything off just a hour after buying it and installing it.

I race on carpet and do well enough. I love the look more than the function of the shock sets so they are staying.

And I have no idea why the antenna needs insulating? What does that do? I have zero glitching at 75 feet or more so far (three months) and it doesn't short out against anything inside the car. Why and how do you insulate it?

2002.12.02, 09:46 PM
It's a good idea to insulate your antenna because if it, or anything having to do with the antenna touches the motor wires, motor can, ESC leads, or anything like that (metal to metal contact) it will instantly fry your receiver and you will get almost zero range.

2002.12.03, 06:32 PM
What do you insulate it with?

I'd want something light weight that doesn't look bad either.

2002.12.03, 09:35 PM
plasti-dip, or use colored shring wrap from radio shack!

2002.12.04, 07:27 PM
A 1/10th scale antenna tube works very well also. I've said it before in another thread- the roll shocks do work!!! You just need to tweak on them a little to free them up. They give your
rear end 12 degrees of adjustability when used w/ rear damper.

2002.12.27, 08:38 PM
so whats the real verdict for the roll shock set??? is it good??? or is the mzr o plate better??? also topcad parts are they ok???I am sticking to powerline, but curious on quality of the topcad stuff...
Ryan P

ps. wheels look great man... I got the square 360 modena rims from dave at mzr.com and all I can say is WOW!!!
Ryan P

2002.12.27, 09:54 PM
The roll shocks work fine. But I think that a stiff H or O plate would do the same in my opinion.

I took my roll shocks off because it interfered with all the wires on my turbo. I'm going to put these roll shocks on a non turbo car that I plan on getting later, they are much too cool looking to let sit in a bag. The turbo car is getting the O plate afterall.

Topcad parts are good quality, they seem to be almost identical to the Powerline parts. I think they are made by the same company and sold to Topcad and Powerline in different colors.

2002.12.28, 12:07 AM
Hpiguy was rigth on the Topcad/ Powerline thing!

O-plate has less roll then even the hardest H plate... Get the Oplate!