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2001.12.28, 07:34 AM
Well, here it is

Silver Audi TT (Original ready set)
Black Audi TT (bought a "leftover" body and partial chassis from Pro-Hobby)
Warsteiner AMG CLK (Auto Scale)

So now I have something like 1 3/4 mini-Z :)

Hop ups:
Ball bearings
Horizontal shock & springs
Roll Shock
Cf H-bars
Ball diff.
X-speed motor
Front stabilizer
Front springs
Polished kingpins
toe-in tie rod
Red wheel nuts
Reston sponge tyres
18" pianowire antenna

The body I use for racing is (surprise surprise) the CLK. The black TT sits on gold kyosho aftermarket wheels in the auto scale display case. Silver TT is no longer worth displaying :D


here's a pic of the CLK:

2002.01.10, 04:39 PM
This is a pre-rollshock shot of the chassis.

2002.01.10, 04:40 PM
Linux-basher with lights

2002.01.10, 04:42 PM
This one has really seen some action :)

2002.01.10, 04:48 PM
Shot from the rear.
On this picture the tail lights are just stuck on with some packing tape and light leaks to the inside, a blob of hot glue and some black paint should cure this. The leds are running at 40mA , that would be the "brake lights on" brightness, quite sufficent I think.

2002.01.10, 04:50 PM
I allready installed front lights on the black body as well. No tail llights untill I figure out how I connect them.

2002.01.10, 05:02 PM
here's what is in there, or rather the version 0.8b of the actual electronics :)

4 SMD (Surface Mount Device) red LEDs and a pair of white LEDs, two resistors, pieces of flat cable, a bunch of heat shrink and some pin strip.
I made the connector omnipolar so you can't reverse the voltage.
Turns out the 2 wires coming on to the top side of the circuit board are before the switch, so the lights are permanently on. After a test drive I also figured I need some capacitors to keep the lights from dimming during acceleration.

For the black one I shall install all the new features: brake lights (mercury switch I think) and capacitors.


2002.01.11, 07:14 AM
hey, those lights look really nice..... pretty amazing stuff....

2002.01.11, 08:33 AM
Nice RH decals...

Real men use FreeBSD ;)

Also, like your SMD LED idea, makes sense and lookes a lot neater than 'most' that I've seen :)

Do you compare hopping your Mini-Z up to compiling your own Kernel? :D

Nice one Wtone


2002.01.11, 11:07 AM
You ought to make more and sell them--I'd buy a light set from you!!:p

2002.01.11, 05:35 PM
can you post up a picture where you connected the light wires to the power source?

2002.01.12, 11:02 AM
Sorry, I don't have a digicamera or a scanner at home but I'll try to explain.
I soldered the lights to the red and black wires that are on the top of the pcb. You only have to remove the esc-cover to see them. I also filed a notch into the cover for the cable.

Well.. I'll make atleast one set for the black TT maybe also for the CLK, I'm hooked ;)

That only goes to show that installing Redhat takes too much time ( I did the decals during that time ) Well actually the sides are decals that came in the sales pack.
Hey.. I just said to someone in the coffee room that we should implement the intranet server with linux, the next day somebody shows up with a RH-box "so do it then" Me and my big mouth :rolleyes:
The hood is from the side of the box, done the way I described it in a previous post. Not very durable without a clearcoat :(

BSD daemon is way cuter than the RH-logo I have to admit.
Maybe that's what'll be on the black one :D


2002.01.17, 03:06 AM
My R&D department has since dumped the mercury switch, and is researching into somthing more innovative :)


2002.01.17, 04:26 AM

Yea, the BSD demon is a cutie, but don't forget Tux, our friendly LINUX penguin :D

Perhaps you should just sodimise the car with a Microsoft logo and enter it into a demolition derby :D

Agreed the Open Source stuff rules and we should have a moral obligation to promote it via our Mini-Z's!


2002.01.17, 09:06 AM
Mondo: LOL! :D
Well there are enough MSDn boxes laying around for that.. all that is missing is a trabant body shell :)" Vorsprung durch Technik!" (audi) and "Where did you think you were going today?" (trabbi)


2002.02.21, 12:22 PM
I got a new Tx and a blue Viper body shell.
The Tx is Acoms Technisport Hayabusa. I got a good deal on it so I bought it :)
The Viper was begging for wide rear tires. CLK rears were a drop fit, the wheels are quite similar too.
So now I'm ready for blue aluminium :D
Pics as soon as I get a digicamera again.


2002.03.01, 03:20 AM
hey I have some of those surface mount LEDs but I've got problem getting them to stay onto the wire which I soldered them onto. How did you get them not to drop out? I was thinking of soldering them onto PCB with 2 pads one for each end before solding them onto wires.

2002.03.01, 03:37 AM
I stuck the LEDs, which have a small nub on the light emitting surface, on some blu-tack, stripped and tinned two flat cable strands and then just soldered the pre-tinned leads onto the small portruding legs of the LEDs. I think I did use a liberal amout of soldering flux to improve solder flow.
I don't see a problem with soldering leads to a 0805 sized LED either, I think the trick is to get the parts to stay in place during soldering. Pre-tinning the leads will help.
If you have the clearance a piece of strip copper sheet (a prototyping board with holes and strips of copper connecting them) would work also.

Hope this helps.


2002.03.01, 04:46 AM
yea i could solder them on with no problem. but they tend to fall off soon after
thanks anyway

2002.03.01, 07:00 AM
Ach.. sorry :)
well I wrap mine into heatshrink, it helps also to stop the light from leaking into the body.
Liberal amounts of hot glue also help.


2002.03.01, 07:59 AM
Got a little tip for you all... If you want to build a body for display only the easiest and cheapest way is to buy some small light-bulbs who are mounted in the small flashlight "Mag-Lite Solitarie"....

You can buy those spare-bulbs separatly and mount them in your body.. But i think they take to much current if yout gonna race with the car... But a nice tip if your not so handy with surface-mounted devices...

2002.04.28, 05:21 AM
Just messing aroung with my gf's new digital camera :)
Here are the blue parts I have so far... still needs a bunch more to make a complete car.