View Full Version : ohio track

2001.11.07, 07:59 PM
attached is a picture of our track. it's 7 sheets of 4x8 plywood with roofing paper overtop. the outer barriers are 1x2x8 pine with water pipe insulation overtop. the racing lane is 3ft wide all the way around. we have a simple road course layout and an oval. with four cars its a blast.

2001.11.07, 11:02 PM
looks good. How did you mount the roof paper to the plywood? and do you have any problems with it bubbling up?


2001.11.08, 08:27 AM
it is taped in a couple places with duct tape. bubbling up is a problem and very annoying. it is a pretty good surface but we are thinking about just painting the plywood and racing on that.