View Full Version : ORIGINATOR INNOVATOR of my 8 Cell Modded Mini-Z Dragster! "Ultimate Speed Conclusion"

2002.12.06, 01:58 PM
Just thought id contribute to the chassis gallery thread!! Here's my contribution of the fastest Mini-Z right now which puts the 5 cell imagination to shame.. Others thought i copied their creation, but dont be fooled, because their 5 cell creation sounds like a bunch of masturbation and can not compare.. My super modified electronics doesnt even compare to theirs, which is for them to figure out for themselves. Hows it copying if i have an 8 cell creation, and if he has 5 cell?? Obviously retarded huh? Its not copying, its called outdoing them once again.. This is one of the reasons i ditched this guy when he used to be my buddy cuz he's full of sh!t, likes to be sneaky behind my back and copy, likes to send spamming emails to my customers(obvious backstab since i tested him out one time and caught him). Real sad...Thats why these people become nothing but straight up LOSERS in Life in general. I will also experiment with open can slot car motors, big bad johnson motors, bigger steel pinion gears and probably modify the PCB again to take up to 12 cells since 8 cells to 10 cells to me will just be old news again..

Just so no one tries to copy my idea again, I will also be making a mini-z with just pure Model Rocket Engine power or I'll be experimenting if i will be using a motor as well or just to keep things pure model rocket power.. I dont know how the car will stop, but i do plan on running it on a longstretch parking lot until the model rockets diffuse.. Should be interesting.. If it doesnt work, atleast i can I tried.. Should be very interesting since the Mini-Z's are very light...:D

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any negative or envious comments like others in this forum, please do not post here for RUSS / moderators, ADMINISTRATORS will be enforcing the 3 strikes rule..

2002.12.06, 10:00 PM

That thing must fly!!!

2002.12.08, 03:52 AM
Probably would fly up in the sky if i added wings to it.. LOL!! thanks for the compliment, but you havent seen anything yet, cuz Im coming out with a model Rocket powered Mini-Z that will smoke my 8 cell and of course the slowest 5 cell Big Bad Johnson Mini-Z as well...

I am developing and dedicating this project to all of the haters or jealous people who never believed in me, in that they need to be served correctly and put them in their place..

2002.12.08, 10:14 AM
I have had my mini for a while and have been modding but I just joined this forum so I dont know about any jealousy between people...

Dude when you finish the rocket mini post pics...

2002.12.08, 10:03 PM

I was referring to jealous or envious people who tried to start trash talks against my 8 cell creation.. no acknowledgements, but pure negative trash talk since these individuals were jealous...

Sure thing, i will of course post my rocket Z pics...

2002.12.08, 10:45 PM
Wasn't this thread already closed down?:(
It's really frustrating reading the same thing over and over again.
Solomon,you seem to have some great ideas...so how about just sticking to your ideas & plans & forget about all this BS "hater" and "jealousy" crap.

2003.01.01, 04:21 AM
As I was saying, Here is my untouchable 8 Cell Mini-Z that has the proven upgraded technology to run over 9.6V through the PCB also including the servo electronics..

Fiero Man
2003.01.01, 10:44 AM
Do you sell kits or can you post instructions.

2003.01.02, 02:02 AM
YES!! As a matter of fact, i have one on ebay right now... Under search, type in : World's 4 REAL TRUE Fastest 8 CELL Mod Mini-Z

I'll put more of them on auction later on..:D

Ken Mifune
2003.01.02, 02:14 AM
Are you going to place advertisements (like your counterpart), or will you join the original nature of the forums here and share the Mini-Z experience? You started off sharing. Why the change of heart?

Ko Racer
2003.01.02, 08:23 AM
i like this look better:D


Ko Racer
2003.01.02, 08:23 AM


2003.01.02, 04:12 PM
Pretty Clean Man

2003.01.03, 09:51 PM
Fiero Man,

Are you by chance the one who won my 8 Cell "Worlds 4Real True Fastest Mini-z" on ebay for $321.00 ?? Let me know.. Cuz I want to explain a few things for this Insane setup and give you a few extra bonus gifts for winning..


Fiero Man
2003.01.03, 10:41 PM
Wow did you scare me! I checked my ebay account to see if I accidently bid on it. No it says. I didnt bid or win it. What was the ebay id of the winner?

2003.01.05, 04:28 AM
Fiero Man,

Dont worry about it.. Just wondering if it was you.. Thats all!! The buyer already contacted me and paid me already via PayPal.. This guy's really serious about Mini-Z speed and is drag racing his friends so-called fastest Z... Im sure this guy will be pleased and will be getting his money's worth...:D

CaRbon Kid
2003.01.29, 02:34 AM
why do you reakon u are so good u can diddle around with z's all u wont but dont claim stuff as being number one cause sumone smokes UR ass i will laugh and goo poor little *** u tried ur best but u suck **** good bye

2003.01.29, 03:47 AM
Originally posted by CaRbon Kid
why do you reakon u are so good u can diddle around with z's all u wont but dont claim stuff as being number one cause sumone smokes UR ass i will laugh and goo poor little *** u tried ur best but u suck **** good bye

carbon Kid, this is the second time I have seen you post sumting unnecessarily ...what is your gripe with SZ187? No-one but you is bashing him now...that time appears to be over.....I really don't get it:confused: ....oh yeah...grow up buddy, and in your own words directed to forum members who participated in Mystacool's thread 'Optical Illusion', "why don't you get a life?"....BTW can you even solder 2 wires together? Let alone rewire a Mini Z and install FETs? Not one useful contribution from you yet, but you are mighty quick to judge others who IMO have the benefit of doubt, even if there is no proof to back up their claims. Me tinks you are an angry person...that is your choice:(

Hey SZ187...just curious as to if you will submit some vids of your 8 cell Z in action? The best possible vindication will be proving it works without smoking the PCB, and that it does go nice'n'quick:) I hope you attend one of the GTGs with the others so the rest of us might get some objective feedback on your creation. :)

2003.01.29, 11:41 AM
Hey solomon,
I really hope you can make the G2G this Sunday Feb. 2nd. We are all chomping at the bit to see that 8 cell Z scream.:D

2003.02.25, 09:02 PM
Hmm...just can't wait for Solomon to share his idea about wiring and cells' configuration.
C'mon man, let my Z flies like yours.

2003.02.26, 06:02 PM
Boy, would I like to see more pics and videos of that 8 cel deal! Is it hard to come up with that?

Rock on!