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2001.12.28, 05:43 PM

What kind of software are you guys using when designing tracks?

I am now using pen and paper to draw track layouts and I'm kind of tired when I want to re-design some parts of it.


Zappy :cool:

2001.12.29, 10:46 AM
Go to this post:


Shrubba made a "base" file with turns and all kinds of stuff, basically the idea is to make a image file on your computer with a bunch of turns and what-not that you can piece together quickly to design a new track.


2001.12.29, 12:43 PM
Or you can print each piece out, and cut them out and arange them that way. Tape them to graph paper...

Print out one big long straight and cut it to length as you need it, then pring out a hand full of each curve. It will be like playing with slot car track hehe... then if you print it big enough, you can play with the track with bitcharge etc size cars ;).