View Full Version : Motor problems, it sticks :-(

2002.12.13, 06:28 AM

My x-speed sometimes wont start turning, but if i nuge the pinnion it starts to run normally.

Have I probably burnt one of the 3 commutator windings, or what?

I havent opened it (yet).

Help me :-)

2002.12.13, 11:21 AM
Or this is a right time to get a new carbon brushes to replace the old one.

2002.12.13, 11:35 AM
i say take it apart, and see if anything looks bad (assuming you've seen the inside of a motor before). check the brushes and the bushings.

2002.12.13, 12:02 PM
what a coincidence, i just finished putting my motor back together after i changed the brushes.

my motor was doing the exact same thing. stalling on starts. wouldn't go back or forward without a nudge. A quick change of the brushes solved my little problem

2002.12.13, 02:28 PM
More info,

It seemed to run ok before i did something (the engine is not very old)

The something:
Tryed with a external 4xR6 nimh pack and a multimeter to
see if adding magnets would show up as increased amps,
since i could feel the difference while hand spinning the pinnion.

Well I tried some NEO disks outside, adding more progressingly,
when i added (stupid i gues) a harddrive magnet i could not turn the pinnion by hand... so i tried nimh pack well the engine that
normally takes 0.96-1.02 Amp took for about 3 seconds (time can be inacurate, guestimate) 2.5 Amps and the engine did not move, so i disconnected it.

This is why i think that i either burnt a commutator wire or loosened a solder point...

//Z (Feel low, but if I can't brake anything, how will i learn :-))

2002.12.15, 03:02 AM
Ohh man i was just going to post a topic based on this problem ,,, Today i decided to take apart my stock motor and unwind the turns down to 50... after doing this and poping the armeture back into the can im having this motor sticking problem ! ,,, Hmmmm i tired unwinding another stock motor and Bam the same problem :/ arrrrrgh ! anyone got any fixes >? I now have the problem with 2 seperate motors and sets of brushes :/


2002.12.15, 08:15 AM
i rekon sum how ur magnets of ur motor got more power and it wont rotate cause ur magnets are too strong

2002.12.15, 08:30 AM
i now know wat it is u down wind it too much then the motor cant handle it cauze theres not enough power runin through the wire. so that means the magnets are too srtong so it holdds the motor from moving........ hope this helped

2002.12.16, 12:36 PM
Check the brushes position.
If they're not parallel, the motor's performance would drop a lot.