View Full Version : Ford Thunderbird Convertible

2002.12.16, 05:27 PM
I was curious about doing a convertible mini-z.
I only need to find a way to fit the original wheels (that came with the model) on the mini-z. The current ones are fine for racing, but are a bit small. Any ideas?

Check it out:

Ken Mifune
2002.12.16, 10:23 PM
The easiest things I can suggest...
1) Inch Up rims
2) Tires that have a taller sidewall like reston foam tires or those realistic looking (but grippy) model tires.

2002.12.24, 09:10 AM
They are alloy, the same width as conventional wheels, but have a larger diameter, so they look like a set of 19/20" wheels, hence the term inch up...

2002.12.24, 10:29 AM
they will give you less clearance actually. i had to do some filing to the interior lights and bumber on my vitz body. no problems with my viper or altezza body though. les suspension travel though (in the front). i use stiff springs anyways.