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2002.12.20, 10:34 PM
Check this out, got one coming.....Carbon fiber Chassis conversion (http://www.pro-z.com)

2002.12.20, 11:04 PM
Hmmm, no way to adjust the wheelbase. And how are you supposed to mount a Mini-Z body on that? There's nowhere to put the front lockplate and there's no side clips. Looks like they might have needed to think that through a little better or made it a longer wheelbase so you can use 1/24 bodies more easily.

2002.12.21, 03:46 AM
You're right about the body mount, but you can see the H bar through the chassis, why you say you can't adjust the wheelbase?

2002.12.21, 06:13 AM
It says on the website that it will only take the LWB bodies. But if you are that serious about your racing, you'll probably only be using LWB bod's anyways...

Ko Racer
2002.12.21, 07:51 AM

i knew it wouldnt be long before someone did this!


Ko Racer
2002.12.21, 07:57 AM
i woulkd like to see how the electronics are mounted:confused:
you know how they are with woven graphite:eek:

2002.12.21, 09:16 AM
a few things i would be concerned about:

1) the rear corners of the main chassis looks awfully close to the rear wheels. i'm curious how much clearance there actually is.

2) the diamond bar has a long neck (longer than the H-plate) which could be more prone to breaking.

3) lack of body mounts (as already mentioned) or posts.

4) i'd like to see an example of how to reconfigure the connections for the batteries now that the battery arrangement is staggered

2002.12.21, 09:26 AM
(hate it when i can't edit my own writing)

5) there should be an adjustable WB. i agree that the longest
wheelbase is best for handling. but for the good or bad of
it, some may want to race bodies that do not have a LWB.

i look forward to Damzer's review of this item. if the price is decent, and these concerns are fixable, i just might get one.

2002.12.21, 12:07 PM
Good job.

just need more time to have modification to make it work on real race~

2002.12.21, 01:05 PM
Now that all the negatives are out...................LOL

It has great potential as being the first true race design marketed.

Mounts are easily made with styrene and velcro.
I prefer the long wheelbase bodies and chassis settings.
Battery packs will probably have to be made up like in 1/10.
Micro servos and Mini-X Receiver+ESC? A possibility. Or a new F1 board!! Now thats the ticket.
Many hopes for all of the half dead chassi sitting around my workbench.

Personally, I believe the potential will be recognized on the track. Handling should be more like an F1 due to battery placement. Everything is out in the open, easier to work on.

Anywho, upon arrival test reports will be thorough!

2002.12.21, 02:28 PM
Oh... I want one.... hehe... yea that is EXACTLY what the Z needed, oh yea with that chassis, Mini-X electronics, and foams... well that will definately outperform anything withen it's size, even the Mini-X I would think, it's so much lower and pan car like... man that is unbelievable.

Pro-Z Racing
2002.12.21, 08:09 PM
Hi Guys, Glad you like the chassis I'm pretty new to this forum so I'm not to familiar with the veterans. DAMZer will be one of the first outside of New England to do some testing.

1. True, ONLY fits long wheel base mini z bodies NSX Modena...

2. The photo shows the rear wheels very close to the chassis. It's just the angle the photo was taken from. More photos and MPEG videos soon.

3. Requires a soldered battery pack.

4. Will not work with the roll shock setup. Batteries are further back for more traction instead.

5. The Diamond Bar is actually the same length as the standard H bar and will be available soon in 4 mm 6 mm and 8 mm width

6. The rear body clips are not shown. Simply I didn't have them in when the photos were taken. Website will be updated this week.

7. More improvements are coming. Castor shims, Center DAMPENING (not a silly spring), New rear pod that lowers the motor and will allow you to use mid length bodies on the Pro-Z chassis. Zapped GP 750 mAh Cells. The cells are being done by New Wave Cells in Connecticut. They will be using the same Zapper used to do their sub C 3300mAh cell

2002.12.21, 08:26 PM
I really like your efforts to make a nice chassie for our Z:s.. Looks very nice and i think it could be just what we who races have waited for

2002.12.21, 08:50 PM
looks like the Noshica or however u spell it carbon chassis ;)

2002.12.21, 09:45 PM
thanks pro-z for your answers. few more questions concerning the batteries if you don't mind:

1) first off, what holds them in place? is it the upper tray or something else?

2) is there a release method for getting the batteries out quickly if needed

3) since this will require a soldered pack of staggered batteries, i take it the Zapped GP 750 mAh Cells will be an exclusive option that'll be a must have. Is there a way of using a non soldered set?

4) lastly, the big question. how much for this CF chassis?

Ko Racer
2002.12.21, 09:52 PM
the carbon fiber kit is 69.00 dollars

Pro-Z Racing
2002.12.21, 10:43 PM
The upper deck is used to hold the batteries in there slots. The upper deck is notched in the front so it slides under the front screws. The two rear screws need to be removed to take the battery out.

The Zapped GP Cells will be available in built packs for the pro z and single 4 cell for stock Z's Most mini z racing is only 6 min long the 300 - 750mAh is only the run time of the battery, a 300mAh battery would be enough for an entire race. However a cell that has been through a zapper will have increased voltage (more punch) on the track. You can read much more on this in the 10th and 12th scale forums.

I initially tried to make use of a battery clip system to avoid soldered battery packs. But if your moving up to a real race car i figure you have to compromise somewhere.

2002.12.21, 11:21 PM
Pro-Z Racing, please email us at mini-z@mini-zracer.com - thanks! :)

2002.12.22, 06:40 AM
Thanks for joining in Pro-Z!!

I agree that if you're "hard core" enough to buy an aftermarket CF chassis, then soldering battery packs is only a minimal concern.

Keep us posted on your site updates and your added products. This is truly an innovation that a lot of us old school/larger scale racers have been dreaming of!

You mentioned side body clip mounts. Does this mean that we can use the standard Autoscale shell mounts? I assume we will still have to make a front mount of sorts. Any details appreciated.

Ko Racer
2002.12.22, 10:04 AM
Im waiting to see what Damzer has to say before i fork out money for the chassis. i wish they had a few more pictures up
showing more of the chassis veiws form top,bottom,front,with the electronics and such in it.that would answer alot of my questions a few good pic's please
and you have my order :D


Ko Racer
2002.12.22, 10:06 AM
I hate I cant edit my own post :confused: but anyway Damzer the 206 body is great!!!! thanks again

cheers :)

2002.12.22, 01:15 PM
My pleasure!

Ko Racer
2002.12.22, 02:10 PM
DAMZer.....did you get the carbon graphite chassis or the fiberglass model?
and what do you think the + and - will be?

2002.12.22, 03:25 PM
What are some other carbon chassis's? Can you post the web site, by the way I AM going to get one of those pro-z's!

2002.12.22, 03:45 PM
Here's more info from other websites on a similar, if not the same, product. They're in Japanse so I recommend using Alta Vista's babelfish for translating the website to English here:

Actual complete car at the MiniZ bar: http://homepage3.nifty.com/mazbara/index.html or http://homepage3.nifty.com/mazbara/page058.html

The shop that sells it I think (Hanza Hobby Shop):

Man ... some of those Japanese and Hong Kong websites have awesome cars (like here of course, just in a different way)!!

2002.12.22, 03:48 PM
I ordered the CF chassis. I'd rather put my weight in electronics than the chassis and I want the chassis to be stiffezell, Dirtbag.

The smallest receiver I've seen is the old Hitec Shredder, no longer available. The next would probably be the Mini-X receiver. I don't know why they can make ultra small 72 Mhz receivers but not 27 Mhz. Its just not fair!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa..............

This CF chassis is the only one that I've found that is simple and can use the standard/aftermarket rear motor mounts. I also like the ability to use the stock servo if I want to, as well as converting to a nano servo. This is a 1/28 pan car chassis, similar in design to 1/10-12 chassi. The concept is proven and effective. We will see if the design holds up to racing. If the stock chassis can hold up, the CF one should!!

The only minus I see so far from the pics is the lack of a front mount. I toyed with making a stepped CF plate that would be adjustable, but I will probably just use thick styrene. For some, the need for making battery packs will be a pain. But it is just simple soldering of wires from pole to opposite pole. Its not a big deal if you've raced 1/10th. If you haven't, just buy his zapped packs. I'll buy a couple just for racing and convert some of my older sets into packs.

Of course, everything right now is conjecture. The truth will be revealed when we start building and running these beauties.

2002.12.22, 04:22 PM
Seems the websites I posted above have a different, but similar, design. The batteries are sideways, uses Medium & Long wheelbase, and you're able to use rollshocks. Interesting ...

BTW ... they have a tutorial or something on they're website showing building tips for this chassis.

Pro-Z Racing
2002.12.22, 05:10 PM
Hello all, sorry to keep you guys waiting on the updates but Christmas shopping has been taking up most of my time. I saw the Mini z bar car a while back and it defiantly looks cool, But it's more of the same. it actually has more weight forward it does make use of a lower CG. But no tweak. I designed the Pro-Z for rear traction and equal steering. I'm good friends with Philip Ng owner of PN-Racing (we race at the same track) and he as some killer motors on the way SO3 and beyond. A stock mini Z will not be able to put the power down to the track without giving up steering.

i keep forgetting to mention that the Pro-Z uses the same front body clips you use on your mini z. The pro-z has fully adustable ride height. You can run at almost overland height or slammed. i run my car slammed however i did have to sand the raised modena letters off the front body clip its that low.

Happy Holidays

2002.12.22, 05:13 PM
Thanks for clearing that up for us. Removes another negative and puts more points in the positive. Need some pics of standard shells mounted and lexan shells mounted.

Ko Racer
2002.12.22, 05:44 PM
guys i just ordered my chassis kit:D and pro-z racing is out of this world! very nice and answered all my questions and im looking forward to kicking some booty all over the track with his chassis kit.


Ko Racer
2002.12.22, 05:48 PM
guys im so happy with this i ordered another kit just now :D
so one carbon and one blue fiberglass coming to me:)


Ken Mifune
2002.12.22, 06:00 PM
Nice chassis Pro-Z Racing. I sure we'll here all about the handling characteristics, but what's weight difference.

At Z-Bar, that PCB with the FETs soldered on a tight curve is nuts!

Also at Z-Bar, the CF chassis is interesting but somethings I don't like:
- the idea of the front axles being in front of the king pin.
- custom tie rod & knuckles (where would you get replacement parts?).
- Clumsy battery caps.
- the hardware on the bottom isn't flush.
- the way the front mount is shown will make the bodies higher than stock.
- chopped side mounts. what if you want to go back to a stock chassis? the side mounts will no longer work.

2002.12.22, 07:24 PM
hey Ken I couldn't find that pic of the curved FET stacks on Mini Z Bar. Could you please point me to it exactly? Cheers bud!:D :)

Ko Racer
2002.12.22, 07:36 PM
here is the picture he is talking about


2002.12.22, 07:41 PM
Cheers Ko Racer, I ned nore FETs! :D:D ;)

2002.12.22, 07:42 PM
For the kiddies at home, above is what is called..."multiple typos"...yes that's right ...:D:o :D

2002.12.22, 08:19 PM
The difference in time between when we get it and when the original post is made.

2002.12.23, 12:27 AM
Originally posted by Pro-Z Racing
The pro-z has fully adustable ride height. You can run at almost overland height or slammed.

Wow, that will be good for the guys who want to do Rally Zs!

T Man
2002.12.23, 10:12 PM
Were does the front sway bar go? With those 2 posts going down in the middle of the plate, it blocks the space needed for the sway bar to fit.

Regardless, I'm next in line.


2002.12.24, 08:38 AM
Guess ill have to talk to the pro-z guys... cuz I see a way they can alter it, and allow S M L settings... but would require replacement of, or cutting away at, a key part ;). It would also un-stagger the batteries. :D

Ken Mifune
2002.12.24, 04:11 PM
The stagger needs to be there because of the stock servo and the side clip placement.

I hope the next generation Z will have a smaller, more reliable steering servo.

Pro-Z Racing
2002.12.24, 06:30 PM
Ken is right about the stagger. It has to fit the stock servo. If you want to run a real servo I recommend the Hitec HS-50 servo, airplane speed control and the mini-x receiver. However the new Castor shims are based off the top of the stock servo. 0,1,2, degree castor shims will be for sale on the first of next year. And will also mount on stock mini-z chassis.

Here's a list of bodies in no order. that will fit the Pro-Z chassis. The wide long wheel base bodies fit best.


I think the new corvette is long wheel base and may fit.

Merry Xmas

2002.12.24, 11:35 PM
I know WHY its there, im saying it dont HAVE to be ;) the batteries are moved back so the edges of the servo case can fit, well these edges of the servo case serve no purpose at all! CUT THEM OFF there is empty hollow plastic here, and or make a custom servo case to replace it, could be a black or transparent one, after all if your going serious racing might as well change it all ;) hehe... I say this for a Version II of the chassis purhaps... once those batts are moved a hair forward, even if not all the way.. you will have room to move the rear supports forward as well.. and trim the ass end off.. allow shorter wheel bases adjustments... :D I will CAD it up, if I have too ;) just to see if it will fit.

Ken Mifune
2002.12.25, 01:58 AM
Let's hope it works better than your D-plate.;)

2002.12.25, 09:45 AM
What does that have to do with anything?

Besides its kinda hard to compare it to someting thats never been made... unless you tried makeing A 'D' plate?

Ken Mifune
2002.12.25, 01:56 PM
You said that you made one.
Here's the thread...


2002.12.25, 07:18 PM
I made one, I never mounted it, never tested it (I have no shock sets), but did you make one of that same concept, regardless of identical design? how do you konw the CONCEPT does not work? cuz thats all it is is a CONCEPT, not a BLUE PRINT with dimensions etc...

T Man
2002.12.25, 07:31 PM
Well, I just ordered my chassis! I can't wait for it to come!


2002.12.26, 12:28 PM
I haven't seen this posted before, so I don't know if it's old new. If so, just ignore it.

CF chassis for Mini-Z, released in Asia:

Looks nice. I wish we could get them in the US.

2002.12.26, 07:30 PM
wow okang, that last chassis looks like the best alternative yet, mini-z any comments ????(meaning when will this be available in the shop:D )

Mark K
2002.12.31, 09:45 AM

Any news on when you might get the chassis? I'm really keen on getting it, my only concern is with regards to the electronics, will the main PCB board fit if it has had a FET upgrade (especially those guys who have FETs stacked up like tower blocks! :) ).

When you do get it and you have your Pro Z ready, post up some pics.


2002.12.31, 10:04 AM

I talked with Scott yesterday. He is working through some holiday delays with parts contractors and will get the shipments out soon.

I would think from the battery layout and top plate design that the stock PCB would work just fine. With stacked FET's or the cyrstal, there will be some protrusion into the battery compartment. An F1 PCB would give you more flexibility as the crystal connection can be position to some degree. I have a 3 stack F1 PCB waiting for installation trials, but will either use an Orion Flash or Novak Spy along with a Mini-X receiver, for racing.

I got a Spy for my 2nd RS4 but the Pro-Z chassis is just too neat. I also have a JR ultra micro servo that will be tried with a Micro RS4 servo saver/tie rod arrangement. It deserves the full race treatment. If it can beat my full race stock power NSX then it will become my Modified Executioner with the Turbo only MZ motor! I may even pop in an NML drag armature and Neo mags in a Squat BB can.

It's tough to wait it out! I firmly believe it will worth the wait.

Mark K
2002.12.31, 01:53 PM

Cool, thanks for the update. Look forward to hearing more about it when you get it :)

T Man
2002.12.31, 03:17 PM
So, when can we expect the first batch of chassis to be shipped?

Ko Racer
2003.01.01, 06:43 AM
I got one of each coming so i can see how they both perform:D


2003.01.02, 12:59 AM

I also ordered one of the new Pro Z units. I thought I saw it before you and was planing on it being a bit of a surprize seams the trick is on me. I have the fiberglass unit coming looks like I need to get off the bucks and get the carbon fiber unit. Man we need to talk soon I plan to call ya this week.

Pro Z

Looks like you will have a least two of the units in South Carolina for some heads up testing and review. I look forward to seeing the unit soon.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.02, 01:59 AM
2EZ- Glad to hear it I encourage everyone to test test test and send me some feed back. I'm still waiting on rear body mounts. I'm about to break down the door to the machine shop and make them myself. They say they will be ready this week but they said that last week too. :mad: Kits will go out ASAP

Ken Mifune
2003.01.02, 03:14 AM
Cool. I can't wait to see that chassis all dressed up with electronics and hop-ups.

Mark K
2003.01.02, 05:17 AM
Pro Z

How much is shipping to the UK for one of theses chassis? I sent you an e-mail but you didn't reply, but i gues you have been working flat-out to get the first batch out the door.

Anyway, please let me know as would be keen to get a CF-Chassis kit.



2003.01.02, 10:18 AM
Pro-Z Racing,

Just a quick question....

What's the difference in weight of the CF chassis when compared with the standard chassis?

I'm very interested to find out.


Skylineboy :)

2003.01.02, 06:00 PM
Pro-Z that's great news!! Hope I get it before I go out of town the 13-17th.

2EZ, yeah been meaning to get with you but things have been a little different this fall. BTW, I now have a 20' x 90' new concrete driveway with .060 rubber roofing membrane to use as a 10' x 20' track surface. And now I have 2 Overlands and my son runs my F1. Christmas was berry, berry good to me. Tried to get sneaky on us, eh? We will have to talk about that............

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.03, 03:55 AM
Hey guys heres some photos not quite good enough to put on the website http://www.pro-z.com/corvette/

Mark Shipping is usually $30-$40 USD via UPS

I have been doing all the testing with the carbon fiber but yesterday i raced a black fiberglass corvette and i felt it handled well no major setup changes needed.

I weighed an older version of the car a few months ago with an aluminum pod and it was 14 grams lighter than a box stock mini-z

I won't be around this weekend to answer any questions, i am going to the next US triple crown race for 12th scale in Tauton MA. If you live near by come check it out www.bigboystoyshobbies.com Top drivers in the country will be in attendance.

Ko Racer
2003.01.03, 06:34 AM
pro z........ are you about ready to ship them babies;)


2003.01.03, 05:04 PM

Those pics answer a lot of the pending questions. Ship em baby!

Ko Racer
2003.01.03, 06:15 PM
those pic's are great! yeah yeah send them babies out im ready for it:D


Damzer .....i will let you know asap on you know what;)

Ko Racer
2003.01.03, 06:17 PM
there on the way :D sorry i couldnt edit my post guys:mad:


Ken Mifune
2003.01.03, 06:31 PM
It's nice when you can edit.
Then you could change "there" into "They're".;)

2003.01.03, 06:49 PM
KO, you da man!

Ko Racer
2003.01.03, 08:16 PM
Originally posted by Ken Mifune
It's nice when you can edit.
Then you could change "there" into "They're".;)

ha ha you a funny man:p edit that :rolleyes:


Ken Mifune
2003.01.03, 10:19 PM
heh heh "edit that". Good one. You almost sound Italian, i.e. Yo, edit this.

Here's a legit question about the variable castor. How is it adjusted? 'switching the top piece? and how much does it affect the steering rate?

2003.01.05, 10:44 AM
Looks great to me can't wait to get mine. I am not clear on the side mount point it out. I guess hands on would be the real
Explanation of how this baby works. Looking forward to seeing it soon.

How about spare T plates and other parts. I hate to be sidelined
because of a crash. I have broken rear plates before.

DAMZer I can't wait to see the new track. I will miss our old LHS
but what can ya say. I plan to call you today I talked to the Mall Manager and I think I could possibly get us somtime there.

2003.01.05, 10:48 AM

Not really sneaky just wanted to see ya drool, but seams I canít pull one over on the master.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.11, 02:35 AM
Hi guys hang in there the kits should be all shipped this week.

I get a lot of questions about how easy is it to change the battery pack. The first time you do it you will say this sucks. I admit it's not as easy as the stock mini z battery clips. You have to remove 2 screws and the battery will slid out from underneath. After you do it a few times it will be a snap. I usually repeak the battery pack in the car in-between qualifiers with no problems ever making run time.

2003.01.11, 03:28 AM
Sorry for the post in the: New Products Post. apparently the news isn't so NEW. Here in Pocatello, ID USA it is and there are many of us Z freaks interested in this new chassis by pro-z. My Concern was mainly the battery capabilities to be changed. Although I can make it through three heats and one main on a fresh set, I like to change into a fully freshy set for the a-main.

A couple questions:

1. I own gp 800 NmH. I tried using my intelli-peek(DuraTrax IntelliPeak AC/DC Mini Pulse Charger) @ its lowest rate in a aaa battery pack from Radio Shack, but they seem to become too hot. Any comments or suggestions ? I alternatively use rayovac 1 hr charger to keep up da freshy.

2. Can a micro-servo be used with this new chassis for steering ? If so, even though I am dedicated to kyosho mini z, it boggles me to think of the possibilities of mod-1/24 scale racing. (is that the right scale ?) while still using the nice kyosho bodies and other mod parts original for Z's (and different Transmitters). Anyway, if it is possibil, plz inlighten me on the how to.

3. Rear Mono-shocks available ?

Thank You, sorry for such a huge post.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.12, 10:21 PM
I usually charge at .75 amps and peak at 1 amp before a race. The batteries sure do get hot. You could try charging at .50 amps they will charge cooler.
The older version of the Pro-Z was easier to mount a real servo it can still be done. I will have a servo linkage kit and servo saver to make it a little easier.
I am working on a much better center shock. Real dampening and spring to mount on the Pro-Z. Feb 2003 ish

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.12, 10:30 PM
What do you guys think of my Fan mail. This one made me LOL

Dear Sir,

I am writing you concerning your website and the products listed there. I am not sure where you got your design from, but it looks alot like the design a friend of mine came up with last year. Your website is amateur and complete bull****. I am tired of seeing people like you rip other people off. I suggest you stop production of this car immediately! I have read through the material on the website and I am sure it is complete crap! Have you ever thought about what you are saying? Do you hold a degree in physics? Has your car ever been proven on the track? I often wonder about websites like yours. I hope no one buys your crappy product!

Have a nice day!
Mr Rich Wilkins

2003.01.12, 10:38 PM
1. Who the heck is this guy?
2. He shouldn't say that about your website as it's still under construction (I'm guessing).
3. If he did have some kind of claim, he should have copyrighted the design.
4. If he was really serious, he shouldn't approach you like that. He should go through the proper legal process.

IMHO ... He's bitter for some reason ... more than just about a car design .. just my 2 cents.

2003.01.12, 10:46 PM
Maybe he already has boxloads of CF chassis ready to market... but the poor sap doesn't know HTML???

Ken Mifune
2003.01.12, 10:48 PM
Originally posted by Pro-Z Racing
What do you guys think of my Fan mail. This one made me LOL

Dear Sir,
...it looks alot like the design a friend of mine came up with last year.
...I hope no one buys your crappy product!
Mr Rich Wilkins
Does that mean he thought his friend's design was alot crappy?

2003.01.13, 12:05 AM
LOL Ken!...:D
yeah I have not seen one reference to patents on any designs, so unless some one holds a patent, and a copyright on the product's name...NOTHING can be done legally...I am quite positive about this....I would reply in the most condescending, patronising tone possible;)give him hell Pro -Z!...unless there are patents, and a court of law decides one way or another;)...wot a tosser!:D

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.13, 12:39 AM
My reply,

Rich Wilkins,

You are a funny guy. That's great your friend can draw something. You should try looking over seas the're other mini z based cars, maybe you can email them too. It is very apparent you have never raced 12th scale. Every aspect of the Pro-Z car is based off proven 12th scale design. The Pro-Z handles great. And your the first complaint even though you have never driven the car. I do not have a degree in physics but I did win the 2000 12th scale nationals I assure you I understand how two wheel drive pan cars work. If you could elaborate on what you think is so "BULL ****" I'd gladly explain where your wrong.


Keep Up the good work.

2003.01.13, 12:43 AM
That was fun-e..hehehe:D...LMAO!!:D Well composed Pro-Z;)

2003.01.13, 01:27 AM
Makes me glad my chassis design in progress looks NOTHING like the ones out now ;). There are so far 3 or 4 similar carbon chassis now...

2003.01.13, 07:24 AM
Hang tough Pro-Z!!

It takes a lot more "GRIT" to actually produce and market an aftermarket part than just talk about it. Designing is one thing and then the testing and testing and testing, and then the prototypes and then the testing and testing, and then successful racer trials, and then the upfront cost of limited production runs. Hell it could be a year or more before you actually start clearing any profit.

I've been through the whole process with Zero-Man. I think he is just beginning to break even after 10 months.

As far as the design, it is obvious that a lot of 1/12 dynamics were planned into the overall design. Although I'm not a 1/12 racer, I've been around plenty of these designs on indoor carpet tracks and outside ovals. CG is critical to keeping the car planted and the bias towards the rear will definitely help the traction properties of the chassis. Adjustable castor will help during the transition whenever weight is transferred. Tweaking should be especially useful to all those oval racers with dreams of Nascar type races with full mod motors and ESC's.

And don't forget about the ability to transfer your existing aftermarket parts to this new chassis. Steering knuckles, springs, motor pod, ball diff........Plus the ablility to use exisiting autoscale bodies.

Overall it seems to be a well thought out design with plenty of potential for upgrades and refinement for your particular racing style. Yes, this will bring us to a new level of competition. true racing design and capabilities.

Well, I didn't mean for this to be sales endorsement......My whole point is; those that can, do. Otherwise, talk is cheap. Keep the Faith, Pro-Z!!

Ko Racer
2003.01.13, 08:15 AM
Very well said DAMZer your 100% correct!

Keep up the great work Pro-Z Racing ;)


2003.01.16, 01:10 PM
I have been watching this thread since the start, and was wondering if anyone has one of these built and tested yet? They look like a great idea, Myself and a couple others at our track cannot wait to get one, but would like to hear some thoughts about it before being the guinea pig here.

Good race last night Zfreak! Thanks for blocking for me!

2003.01.16, 01:46 PM
hey, you guys from idaho racing at an organized event or at home? like to see some pics just out curiosity.

2003.01.16, 06:32 PM
We have a 30'x16' track with 3' lanes. This last week we had 5 mods, 6 stock 3 novice, and 5 Micro rs4's. On feb first we are planning a Trophy race.

I was wondering about the Pro-Z chassis because the last race we had, the top three people came in all on the same lap after a 4 minute race, and we were all tight at the end. It is getting to the point that we have pushed the stock set-up with all the mods to the limit, and time to step it up a little. I will post a picture soon on a new thread.

T Man
2003.01.16, 08:51 PM
I'm still waiting for mine.....


Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.17, 02:35 AM
Hi all,

Just got back from testing the new center dampening system. I used losi medium hydra drive fluid in it. You can use any silicone fluid you want losi offers light med. and heavy fluid to help tune your car. There was no chatter in the car and it greatly increased on power steering. www.pro-z.com/gallery/

I have some interesting news, I as many of you guys know I'm friends with the owner of PN racing and I decided to sponsor his entire Hong Kong team with Pro-Z chassis. There racing there biggest race of the year this weekend. Kyosho race of champion something. Well, they banned the Pro-Z chassis. They assured me it was only for this weekend. Kyosho sponsors the race and they make the rules. I think there just scared ;)

Fiber Glass and few carbon Kits have started going out the door.
Carbons are still out of stock. Sorry guys it's out of my hands.

2003.01.17, 11:56 AM
Hi Pro Z,
I just ordered one of your Fiberglass kits. I left some special instructions in the pay pal comments area. If there are any questions please e-mail me lprejean@cogl.org When do you think it will ship? Is there a backlog on order fulfillment? Any plans on a F1 version?
Thanks alot, I can't wait

2003.01.17, 02:24 PM
F1's are a bit different...more complex :(

2003.01.22, 06:49 PM
Hold on Hold on. Do I need anything special like soldering? I would get the chassis if its like a direct bolt on chassis thing that requires nothing that a newbie cant do (im a newbie if you havent noticed) and what is diff between weights of the chassis?

2003.01.22, 07:09 PM
Hey Dark Blade,
Yes this chassis does require a different battery placement and soldering will be required. Pro Z may offer packs already wired-up but, you still have to solder some leads or a connector to the PCB. As far as Weight difference, here is a quote from Pro z taken from a previous post in this thread:

I weighed an older version of the car a few months ago with an aluminum pod and it was 14 grams lighter than a box stock mini-z

2003.01.22, 07:57 PM
AWWW I need soldering... Is there anyway that MZR can do it for me if I pay them or ship it to Rick and let his dad solder it for me? This is leading me out of getting a pro-z.. owell i guess I dont have to be xtra fancy!

2003.01.22, 08:12 PM
If you are going to be around in this hobby for awhile, you might want to consider buying some cheapo soldering equipment and learn. It really is not that hard. You can buy an iorn and solder as well as other useful tools at Radio Shack real cheap. Buy some cheap resistors and a few bread board PCB's from there also and practice. Go on give it a try ;)

2003.01.22, 08:52 PM
i never picked up a soldering iron before i got my bit char g's last aug. i think i've done rather well for a beginner. it's not really difficult, just get extra of whatever you're working on for 'just in case.'

2003.01.22, 09:15 PM
I just realized that my post count just hit a whopping 200 and in only 6 short months:D hahaha

2003.01.22, 09:36 PM
Man sorry but i aint getting the pro-z just too much of a hassle for me as a newbie and dont even have a Z yet LOL!:cool:

2003.01.22, 09:37 PM
Whoa I just noticed I passed 100 in like less than 3 months.... Woohoo post number 111!!! CELEBRATE CELEBRATE!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D

2003.01.22, 10:02 PM
You really need to get a Z. You don't know what you're missing:)

2003.01.22, 10:55 PM
Im getting 1 in a week or 2 the most.

Ken Mifune
2003.01.23, 02:37 AM
Whoa, I just noticed you passed 100 in like less than 3 months...
Get a damn Z already!;)

2003.01.23, 11:58 AM

2003.01.23, 12:29 PM
Originally posted by Ken Mifune
Whoa, I just noticed you passed 100 in like less than 3 months...
Get a damn Z already!;)


2003.01.23, 05:32 PM
Ken, Your mean just like other people around the forums no wonder Andy-Z left this forum. I already ****!ng explaned why!!! Got dam!t will you read this forum before you post some stuff saying that I need to get a Z!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

2003.01.23, 05:47 PM
Hold on there partner,
I think you have jumped the gun just a little bit.
I believe Ken was JK. Didn't you notice the wink? ;)

2003.01.23, 06:03 PM
I was just laughing at Ken's sharp sense of humor. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings with my post!:o :o

Ken Mifune
2003.01.24, 12:11 AM
hark Blade, I was just kidding. My apologies.

Now get a damn Z already!;)

2003.01.24, 12:14 AM
OT: Hey Ken, why have you gone invisible in the forums? Are you being stalked? ;):p :p hehehe..JK ;)

2003.01.24, 12:21 AM
so has ANYONE apart from proz actually set this up and ran it yet??? how do you mount your body??? can you use stock kyosho bodies or only lexan ones??? thanks...

Ken Mifune
2003.01.24, 04:05 AM
I've been viewing the forums, but haven't been commenting alot lately. heh heh, when I do, I get called a big meanie.

2003.01.24, 04:08 AM
hahaha..you big meanie Kenichi:D;)

2003.01.24, 07:01 AM
I ordered 1 and waited 2 weeks but it never showed up. i tried emailing pro-z a bunch of times but he never responded. i got my money back through paypal any never heard from him. i caution any1 who is thinking of buying this chassis. i think his site is a fraud!

T Man
2003.01.24, 12:14 PM
Originally posted by aaron
I ordered 1 and waited 2 weeks but it never showed up. i tried emailing pro-z a bunch of times but he never responded. i got my money back through paypal any never heard from him. i caution any1 who is thinking of buying this chassis. i think his site is a fraud!

I am in the same situation, but I don't think that his site is a fraud. I will give the chassis another week to get here before I get my money back.

2003.01.24, 01:52 PM
well, not that i've ordered one of these but i hope his site is not a fraud. it would be one thing where the consumer has no way of getting money back for non delivery but this seems not the case.

pro-z's last reply included statements concerning sponsoring an entire Hong Kong team with chassis. perhaps the reason for the delays.

it'd be nice to hear from Pro-Z on these delay concerns. buyers should be kept aware of any reasons for delays. not good for business otherwise.

2003.01.24, 04:59 PM
He must be real busy. He responded well for a while but not lately. Give it some time, when it arrives it should be worth the wait. My only objection is if it wasn't an in stock deal it should have been listed as a pre-order.

Ko Racer
2003.01.24, 10:54 PM
i had 2 chassis bought and payed for before x-mas and he said i would have them the first of jan never did see them emailed him and he said they would be shipped out soon but nothing so i got a refund on my 2 kits this past week. and when i ordered mine everything was in stock so go figure. anyway im glad i didnt get them now the hassel of building packs and such plus i dont think it will withstand as much as the normal chassis.

cheers :)

2003.01.25, 08:34 AM
Just got an EM from Scott.

Here's the lowdown. He had a limited amount of the CF and it was eaten up by marketing and development. His CF supplier jerked him around and has delayed raw stock until early February. Basically demand far outweighed the planned production on the CF. Innovative products............

Secondly the delrin side body mount has created a delay. The CNC shop delivered on time but the wrong design!! So now even if the CF was ready, we'd still have to wait for the body mounts. He mentioned something about having 300 pieces of delrin widgets suitable for target practice!! No word on the delrin stock delivery, but it should be within the same time frame as the chassis.

He understands that people are getting antsy about the lack of delivery and will gladly refund your payment.

I still feel that it will be worth the wait. I beleive he is being honest about his problems and that he is simply swamped with all the issues he's having to deal with. The demand is much greater than he envisioned and the logistics of gearing up to meet the demand has caused the delay, internally and externally. These problems along with getting shops and suppliers back into the swing after the holidays........well it will get better!

Pro-Z Racing
2003.01.25, 02:58 PM
Dazmer just about summed it up.

I check the forum whenever I get an email stating someone posted but all I saw were the posts joking about getting a Z.

Ko Racer You asked for a refund so I gave you one. See you at Snowbirds.

I have and will refund anyone who asks for one. Just email me @ sjakes20@aol.com and I'll refund any one who doesn't want to wait.

Fiber glass chassis are cut and ready I shipped as many as I could with correct body mounts. I will ship ASAP

Fraud I sure hope not any one who feels the need to contact me here you go.

Scott Jacques
9 Jericho Rd.
Pelham, NH

The carbon fiber was ordered on December 18th should have arrived by the 1st the latest then it was the 12th, 21st now it's Feb 7th I will just be glad when it gets here.

Ko Racer
2003.01.26, 12:37 PM
pro-z racing ....you are correct i did ask for a refund.
Im still wanting a chassis when you get them all together ;)
I was just hearing so much about you sending them to hong kong and such that I thought you had forgot about the people
that already had paid for them sometime back as a I said both items where in stock when I spoke to you and made the order
so I didnt understand what the almost month wait was about
and still no chassis.that is why I ask for refund.

I think you will have a product if you can get your suppliers on the ball ;)

cheers:) and yes I will be there at the birds:D

2003.01.26, 03:28 PM
Hi Pro Z,
I ordered a Black Fiberglass version to try out. If I like I will order a CF when they are available. I ordered it about two weeks ago and left instructions in the PayPal comments area. My shipping Address will change after FEB. 21st, So, please take note of that and E-mail me if there is a chance it won't arrive by then. Please LMK ASAP on my order status.

2003.01.27, 11:06 AM
I have faith and check the mail box every day.

I like DAMZer think it will be worth the wait.

Thanks for the update Pro-Z

2003.01.31, 03:11 AM

I have full faith in you. Make sure you save two of the c/f chasis for me aight, cuz I know how it is to get manufacturers to make parts and all that hassle. I use to run an employment agency and I can sure tell you that manufacturers can sure screw people up when they got unskilled workers. Not to mention that even when products are made and send back to the engineerers' cubicle for tolerances and specs which cause them to do reruns, I can certainly understand your situation.

I was anticipating on the Yokomo Sonic/M1 also but you see, we never heard of it again....because Mister Masami is still testing and researching on it. Latest news I heard was that the folks there were still testing them darns things....making sure the motor mount was stable enough for high rev, high speed durability, servo mount had to be reconfigure, electronic PCB unit had to be redesigned for faster motors, and chasis material had to be scrutinized because due to factors of weight, mass and cost.

N-E-ways, please save two c/f chasis for me. I'm a big fan of 1/12th and I can certainly agree w/ you on Pro-Zs design. Coolest 1/12th scale was "The Magic Carpet Ride" designed by Jim Dieter and folks....and its true, 1/12th scale needs to be incorporated....such as a mid motor mount on the Pro-Z chassis.

While you're still in the R/D of the design, I think extending the front upper graphite plate to also accept your new dampening system would be a good idea. Hopefully this will strengthen the plate when the dampning is in action not to mention cutting cost in making a seperate graphite plate.

Okay, enuff said from me.....just IN TOO DEEP INTO THIS MINI Z. :cool:

Pro-Z Racing
2003.02.01, 04:14 AM
N2Deep - Lets wait till there here Best 12th scale speedmerchant Rev 3 but I'm bias

I'd like to extend the upper plate to include the shock mount, But the castor shims are designed to fit the stock z chassis also. I'd like to improve everyone's car even if there not ready for a Pro Z. I can't stress enough pro z chassis is not for bashing around the kitchen. (Tracks only please)

Any One who is interested in how the Pro-Z Chassis came to be. Have a look at. www.pro-z.com/history/

I can't thank you guys enough for hanging in there. Even I would be pissed by now.

2003.02.07, 03:44 PM

Just checking back wiff ya on when the c/f pro-z chassis might be available. Pro-Z, if you have one or two that I can buy from you for a test...i'm more then happy to do a test of the chasis and post it up here in the forum. Currently, I have every micro cars out there including a few Tamiya Tamtechs that I always compare it to. Suspension wise, the tamtechs are still the ones to beat. If you do have a Pro-Z c/f laying around for me to do a test of it, please let me know. I'm more then will to do a complete review of it. I also know of some guys in Dayton Ohio who has been selling me graphite sheets and a guy who can CNC your Pro-Z out if you are interested.


2003.02.07, 04:18 PM
hey Pro-z,
Please let me know when my Black fiberglass chassis will be ready. My address will change on the 22nd and I will need to update it w/you. Please reply!

2003.02.10, 09:50 PM
Still waiting for that reply Pro-Z, Thanks

Pro-Z Racing
2003.02.11, 02:10 PM
Breeze- I have your updated adderss information .

KO Racer- Where were you i brought a Chassis to Snowbirds for you.

Sorry, havn't posted for a few days i just got back from the Florida snowbird nationals. I qualified 3rd finshed 2nd in 12th stock A main.

Before i left i received a partial order of carbon fiber. I repeatedly called them untill they sent me something. And I sent it off to the machine shop. I should hear back from them today or tomorrow with some chassis.

If you sent me an email with in the last week it may be awile befor i can reply. i have over 280 emails to go through.

2003.02.11, 02:22 PM
Sorry Pro-Z, but you don't have my updated address. I haven't given it out yet. I will e-mail it to you now. So I guess my chassis is gonna be awhile still. LMK thanks.

2003.02.11, 02:33 PM
Hey Pro-Z YGM

2003.02.11, 06:26 PM

I hope you accept Paypal cuz here is my income tax money....at your disposal.:D

Also was wanderin where you got the alloy motor mount. I tried looking for one like you had in your site but couldn't find one. N-E-Ways, I hope to get the c/f soon. I want to do a test on it before the Yokomo M-1 comes out end of February.


2003.02.11, 06:42 PM
That Motor mount is a GPM/Megatech unit. Mine is on B/O @
Tower Hobbies. I ordered it just for the Pro-Z chassis. They say it will be in early March. I'm waiting for the Pro-Z chassis anyway.
I'm such a patient man:(

2003.02.12, 01:51 PM
Originally posted by Breeze
That Motor mount is a GPM/Megatech unit. Mine is on B/O @
Tower Hobbies. I ordered it just for the Pro-Z chassis. They say it will be in early March. I'm waiting for the Pro-Z chassis anyway.
I'm such a patient man:(

When you guys get that motor mount:


Pro-Z Racing
2003.02.13, 01:39 PM
N2Deep- The motor mount is a GPM lowered motor mount. It sits the motor as low as possible. It's a little pricey $45 form Hobby Etc. http://www.********.com/cgi-bin/item.cgi?part_id=4978

I use the PN motor SO3. It comes with the motor screw holes, neo magnets and bearings.

2003.02.18, 06:36 PM
Hey Pro-Z,

I like to buy a pro-z chasis from you. I don't care what color fiberglass it is and I don't care if you don't have any graphite chasis in stock. Just tell me how much it is and I'll paypal you ASAP. Everytime I come into this forum, I see people are getting the Pro-Z chasis and I say to myself "Dayemmmm". Well, I am patient but not that patient...not like Damzerrrr. He's coo-coo n-e-ways. Well, I'll make it short.....and end here. Oh yeah, one more thing....as long as the fiberglass chassis is not pink, I'm all for it. Thanks a bunch for replying so soon in advance and Thank you for saving me the c/f chassis (two of them) in advance.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.02.18, 11:57 PM
email or aol instant message me sjakes20@aol.com i have fiberglass sitting here but lacking body mounts i'll take them off my car if you want them. i expect body mounts soon but I can't say for sure when.

2003.02.19, 02:56 AM

You are the best man. To give me your very own plastic body mounts so that a Regular Joe like me can have your setupn...now that is something I can't do. Well, check your email because we have things to discuss....you know, like price and all. But you know what, I went to that web page you told me about the motor mount and they don't have any such thing. Maybe you might have an extra one laying around you can sell to me.

I really like your corvette setup, maybe you can sell me that complete setup including the corvette body (if it already hadn't been broken). Just give me a price and I'll see if my income tax is big enuff.

Once again, you're the best Pro-Z.

Remember, save 2 c/f kit for me.


2003.02.21, 02:09 PM
This is my new pro z this thing rocks

2003.02.21, 02:18 PM
nice worldrace.

can you give a report?

2003.02.21, 02:52 PM
I have not had alot of time to test but what i have tested the pro z is the best. I have the 6 MM T -Bar and i have got alot more corner speed and alot more traction on all parts of the track. I run on a 12x28 ozite track. I will test more and post how it goes all i can say is if you want to have the best get a pro z.

2003.02.21, 05:29 PM
I'm certainly looking forward to receiving mine. I ordered it
5 weeks ago, I'm such a patient man:D

2003.02.21, 06:26 PM
I'm certainly looking forward to receiving mine. I ordered it 5 weeks ago, I'm such a patient man

hey, same here but with the diablo's. we're both in the same boat. woohoo!! :D

David Bulldog
2003.02.21, 09:13 PM

I am very dissapointed in your credibility I have paid you in full and have in numerous occasion email'd you on my carbon chassis which was meant for this sunday 23rd race ,you have not answered to my emails , Indeed my patience in running out ,my question to you now is am I getting my chassis or not ?Fellow racers please take note of my predicament.

David Bulldog

2003.02.21, 10:36 PM
david, I feel your pain, I too am in the same predictiment, I see the one chassis that some one has, I'd like to know how he managed to get his. I ordered a blue "IN STOCK" fiberglass chassis, and am getting very discouraged, when in truth it's not in stock if you can't ship them because they're missing parts. It would be like the shop here advertising the vette bodies and only having a picture in stock. Pro-z.........it states on your web site pro-z chassis is for racers only........if you don't race, you don't need it....................... Well I race and am questioning not wether or not I need it,, the question is will i ever receive it. You also stated you were going to have a dampening system available for the car in february. Is this also something that is in the realm of never never land or is this something that SOMEDAY we might be able to get our hands on?????????? Oh and in case you can't tell,............... I'm getting very discouraged :( :mad: :( :mad: :confused:

2003.02.23, 04:27 PM
Guys don't get mad at him i ask him if he would send me my chassis with no body mounts i am going to use a lexan body if you would email him and tell him to send yours out with no body mounts i am sure he would the chassis is well worth the wait.Sorry i started all this he is doing the best he can do.

David Bulldog
2003.02.23, 11:10 PM
Crashholly ,
its unfortunate that we share the same experiance and to world race I would love to tell him what you recommended but first place of all he doesnt answer his mails and more ever I have mentioned let me know if he has problems and we can compromise but if there are more like me and crasholly I believe pro-z's integrity is being questioned.

David bulldog

2003.02.24, 07:13 AM

In this world of instant "Internet" gratification and "Buy It Now" clicking with Paypal instant payment, we have forgotten that sometimes it is worth the wait to get a great product.

Granted, if it is listed "In Stock" then the whole package should have been in stock. I do not think Pro-Z was prepared for the massive amount of interest and orders he received when the site first went live. He gets hundreds of e-mails and responds to as many of them as he can.

If you've followed this thread closely, then you would know that Pro-Z has been plagued by subcontractor woes. We can berate him and chide him and talk about his integrity, but the real "truth" of the situation is that if you ask for a refund, he gives it no questions asked.

He's located new CnC shops and has body mounts underway as well as new CF sources. I expect the floodgates will open soon and the first large production runs should ship.

Remember, this is not a corporation with a customer service staff and that Pro-Z does have a day job as well as other RC scale interests (1/12). He is trying to do all of the serious racers a service by giving us a chassis design based on pan car dynamics, something that has only been attempted in one-offs and Japanese only markets.

My need is not as current as you active racers out there, however I can empathize with you! Nothing is worse than expecting something for a race and it not arrive in time. However, if you've kept current with the thread, you should not have put much hope in getting your chassis in time for that big race. But just think of the reaction when you do place this fine piece of enthusiast engineered perfection on your local track for the first time. Your competition will not know what the heck is going on!!! And they will have to go into the que to get one that you already have!!

As I have said before, patience and you won't be disappointed. I have faith in his product design and his intent.

I hope I have not ticked you off, was not my intent. :D

2003.02.24, 07:33 AM
DAMZer, well said!

2003.02.24, 12:27 PM
I have recived Email replys from Pro-Z and he has answered my IM, guys if you want the item then stay cool if ya want ya money ask for it back. I plan to wait how else will I be able to keep up with DAMZer.

T Man
2003.02.24, 04:29 PM
Have they shipped yet, Pro Z?

2003.02.24, 04:58 PM
sorry if I came off harsh, I don't doubt the fact that the product will be awesome, but at some point you have to take the "in stock" sign down. If you go to his site, the fiberglass is still listed as in stock. I too was fortunate to chat w/ him im. he told me 2 weeks ago that they would ship out on tuesday or wed. No prob, I waited this long another week wasn't going to break me finacially. All I am saying is if something happened, tell everyone. Come on the site and post a thread stating that he had still yet another delay and I would have no prob. **** happens. But to leave everyone expecting a product and not getting it, it does get aggravating. All I ask is to be better informed as to what's going on. I understand he has other things going on in life just keep us as informed as you seem to be Damzer. I may not be as well known or as well respected as you, but should that lessen the customer service I get? Pro-z all I ask is for a weekly update as the far as the progress goes. That way I don't feel I am on the outside looking in. Thanks for listening and I had no intention of dissin' anyone, I impatiently await, but I will still continue to wait for this product

David Bulldog
2003.02.24, 10:42 PM
Wery well said DAMzer ,I tottaly agree with what you say ,all in all we may say what ever we want untill the cows come home,
I already won the race with a NML unfortunately only in Bmain,So now its no hurry for me but since that you have much faith in Pro-Z ,I or should I say All of us would much appreciate if you could assist us in getting a Fixed Date on when will it be shipping not just OH a week or two weeks from now but give us all here a firmer date like 23 rd of april or maybe later? once I have this final date and if its is not shipped again I will definately ask for a refund and that is my final decision.
Crashholly would you agree ?
David Bulldog

2003.02.25, 12:42 PM

I would like to know if you have the G-10 Fiberglass chassis in stock? Also how much would shipping be to Canada?


2003.02.25, 01:01 PM
seems buyer confidence is getting low. never a good thing

2003.02.25, 01:06 PM
i think you have the wrong section vr6.

i don't competitevly race, so i don't have a need for the pro-z chassis. however, it is very cool.

i can sympathize with those that are getting frustrated. i seems some are having better luck getting resposes than others. it falls on you then, in the interest of the forum and your other forum members, to keep the rest informed. it's nice to see some are doing so ;) .

to play the devil's advocate, it only takes 1 min every couple of days to check in and post an update. i know david does his best to do so:D nml and myster e are very good about that:p .

2003.02.27, 10:46 AM

I was recently surfing the internet and came across this message board. I was kind of suprised to see your name here and even more suprised to see what you posted about the email I sent you. Why would you post things that people and potential customers send you. Not a very professional thing to do. In my honest opinion you are a thief and need to set the record straight!! Why is it that you sponsor a team from HONG KONG but have a hard time getting kits out to your US customers? When can your customers expect a shipment?

BTW--this is a joke concocted by Double M!!! :-) Have a nice day!

2003.02.27, 01:16 PM

In a post from a few months ago you stated that you were the 2000 1/12th Scale National champ. How can this be? I think you need to go back and look into that. I raced 1/12th scale in 2000 and I dont remember you winning much that year. Please explain to all of your loyal followers exactly what that has to do with anything.

2003.02.27, 01:22 PM
"I do not have a degree in physics but I did win the 2000 12th scale nationals I assure you I understand how two wheel drive pan cars work."

This is what you said.

Here is what I found from the ROAR website.

2000 1/12 scale stock national results.

1.Eric Derosiers
2 Aaron Alexander
3 Dave Lofton
4 TJ Bradley
5 Vicky Blackstock
6 Bruce Carbone
7 James Arnold
8 Scott Jakes
9 Sean Wright
10 Mark Smyka

the results can be found on :

STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!! That is the BULL**** I am talking about.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.02.27, 05:23 PM
Rwilkins- The first few cars were given to PN Drivers for testing and feedback. Theres more than one national to bad I was eighth in that one. I raced in 3 that year just in 12th scale. That Double M is a funny guy. I will be at the Roar Nats next week in MN if you want to trade insults.

EVERYONE - If your Pro-Z chassis has not been shipped by March 20th 2003 you will have refunds issued. 15 chassis have already made there way out the door. I expect deliver of 160 chassis very soon.

When Fiber Glass chassis have SOLD OUT that will be the end of them. Economy cars seemed like a nice idea but now it is only complicating matters. Anyone who still orders them will receive them until noted.

As for the website It hasn't been updated please relax. My email is still jammed up so if you want to find me instant message me. sjakes20

David Bulldog
2003.02.28, 02:55 AM
Thank you for such a favourable reply and definately appreciate you for taking the time to clear the air for all of us who had trusted you.

David Bulldog

2003.02.28, 08:24 AM

I have no beef with you. Thanks for setting the record straight. I wish you and PRO-Z all the luck in the world.

2003.03.01, 09:36 AM
Listen Up guys!!

I have in my greedy little hands a, a G10 chassis and it is nothing but:


Yep, I'm still waiting on the CF chassis so this is but a slow strip tease until the hardcore is shown. I stayed up till 2:30 last night putting it together, didn't get into town till 11:00.

As Pro-Z said, this is for racers!! It's hard to imagine the effort that went into this design. Everything fits!! and the Diamond bar is a true innovation to our scale. The built in castor adjustment is just what the doctor ordered for varied track types.

I have said this before and say it even more emphatically, "It is worth the WAIT".

Sorry, no track test today as it's wet outside.

Will post pics when it is complete.

2003.03.01, 03:19 PM
actually got to race the Pro-Z last nite. it didnt look that bad. I was actually shocked to have one in my hands to look at. I will put it together and see what everyone has been so crazy about. PRO-Z is an up and comer.........

2003.03.01, 06:31 PM
Pics !!!!!!!!! 1

2003.03.01, 06:32 PM

2003.03.01, 06:32 PM

2003.03.01, 06:33 PM
4, Yes, that's a MZR-M-BB motor!!!

2003.03.01, 06:34 PM
5, Slick and Smooth

2003.03.01, 06:51 PM
I've only run it on the kitchen floor, so the definitive analysis will have to wait.

My other problem is that this has all of the go fast options!! The M motor within itself is fast, but with the 6 x 2 stack, WOW!!!!!! Talk about a drift machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the F1 board you can tap the brake and set the front end then apply some throttle and swing the rear around with no trouble. In fact it takes a smooth throttle finger to do it consistently. Kinda confuses the whole chassis issue with the Sonic speed goodies.

My initial thought about the chassis is that it is as "Balanced" as they come. With the batteries lowdown this thing is FLAT. Consistent turns left or right. It will be interesting to see if I can traction roll this baby (Sacrifical Supra).

One Note: This is not for the WEAK!! You must be able to solder and tinker. There are many mounting options depending on your board and FET stack. Fet stacks definitely go up, so trim your steering before securing the board. Also those little servo motor and Pot wires will break after you flex them a dozen or so times, like when you keep tinkering with the steering and the board mounts and the battery pack (voice of experience here, you can see where I had to splice in some silicone wire for the servo motor).

Build the battery pack first. Trim your steering and then secure the board. Secure your steering servo and finish it up. Keep the Pro-Z sight up and refer to the pics closely.

BTW, I have not attempted the center damper yet.

2003.03.01, 07:37 PM
DAMZer, very clean looking install. What are those little connectors? We need to get you a Z-130-S-BB to take better advantage of that stack!

2003.03.01, 07:45 PM
by mini-z
What are those little connectors?

the ones on the motor wires? it looks like deans connectors.:rolleyes:

2003.03.01, 08:02 PM
Yep Deans Micro Plugs. A little delicate for the application, but they were in my parts box. The next size up would probably be better.

NML has promised me one of his best for this beast. I waited for the chassis, I'll wait for the motor. David, if you have one "laying around", drop me a line and we'll work it out.

2003.03.01, 08:04 PM
There are actually 3 sets of these plugs in use. 1 is hidden underneath the board for the servo motor wires, 1 set on the motor, and 1 set for the battery connection.

2003.03.01, 08:07 PM
Oh, they looked smaller than Dean's. RE the motor - let us know when you get the NML, and we'll send you the S, so you can see how they compare, it really takes a set up of that caliber to accurately guage the performance of this level of motor!

2003.03.01, 09:04 PM
Originally posted by DAMZer
NML has promised me one of his best for this beast. I waited for the chassis, I'll wait for the motor. David, if you have one "laying around", drop me a line and we'll work it out.


2003.03.02, 09:28 AM
Retraction, those are NOT deans plugs!!

These are smaller than the Deans plugs. I beleive I got them from a train supply shop several years ago. Don't know if they are still around but I'll do some searching. The legs are quite delicate but they are polorized! You cannot hook them up backwards.

Good Eyes!!

2003.03.02, 12:14 PM
Just got my first open run in. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The low C of G really makes it a stable run and the Sacrifical Supra is unscathed. No concrete rash, no rollovers. You might be saying, yeah but that is on concrete. Well 2 things to remind you of, the M-BB motor and the 6x2 FET stack make this thing scream. In my Purple Passion Clk with an X-speed and a 3X2 Fet stack, a rollover was just a full speed sharp turn away. Also, the concrete is fresh with a broom finish and totally clean after the showers of the last few days. Believe me, after a few 50' ovals, I cranked it down into a hairpin at full speed. It stayed planted. Chattered as the rear end wanted to come up, like an x-speed with O-plate, but it stayed controllable and never lifted. I suspect with that much traction you would defintely have to watch it on carpet.

Control was fantastic!! Slaloms were predictable at speed. The rear end flex with the 8mm diamond bar seemed about right for the high bite concrete. Green springs up front made the front stiff, oversteer was not evident at speed. The 1 deg. of castor also made corner control smooth. The 2 degrees of toe in I used kept the Beast tracking straight and true.

This will be an open class dominator. All you speed freaks and true racers need to get your multiple Fet stacks with Nuclear reactors plugged into this chassis. With the motor I have, I haven't maxed out the potential of this Beast.

Pro-Z, My Compliments, Well Worth the Wait!!!!!!!!! Now if I can just find a couple of racers to come out and play?!

2003.03.02, 05:56 PM
I'm now considering one of the fiberglass chassis and I know that Scott is coming out here to my neck of the woods next week for the ROAR Nationals. I'm wondering if I should bring have him bring one out here for me :D

Is there really THAT much of a difference between the CF and Fiberglas chassis?

2003.03.02, 06:51 PM
Originally posted by DAMZer
Retraction, those are NOT deans plugs!!

These are smaller than the Deans plugs. I beleive I got them from a train supply shop several years ago. Don't know if they are still around but I'll do some searching. The legs are quite delicate but they are polorized! You cannot hook them up backwards.

Good Eyes!!

Ha! :D

2003.03.02, 07:46 PM

For the difference in price go for the CF. You will not regret it.

2003.03.02, 07:48 PM
NML, any word yet?

2003.03.02, 11:06 PM
Hope they come soon! We ordered ours in the middle of December, so can't wait!!!

2003.03.03, 06:34 PM
Just had to show the clean bottom lines and body fit.

2003.03.03, 06:35 PM

Ken Mifune
2003.03.03, 07:47 PM
Very cool.

One of your batteries looks loose in that sideways pic. I thought they're held down.

2003.03.03, 08:15 PM
Nope they are secure, however I have yet to bevel the battery slots for a tighter fit. Too anxious to get it running!!

2003.03.04, 10:48 AM

I am still watching the mail for my Pro-Z chassies. I hope for us to soon hookup. Seams I will have to get me a hotter motor. I have some older NML motors, I got from Cruzier, that I will try first. I may have to go for new iron to stay up! I need to talk to you I have a board with a small stack 2X3 might need you to help me add to the stack. I can't wait for us to get back to our weekend
runs. Give me a call.

2003.03.04, 10:54 AM

Pro-Z now I will get impatient as DAMZer has one of your chassis and I am still waiting. Drop me an Email when you do ship my unit. Know that the units will undergo head to head competition
Here in SC.

2003.03.04, 02:37 PM
Dear Mini-Z Fans,

I am very angry about PRO-Z because he catches much money from many many people and is not sending the stuff ! We have paid last year end of december (about 650 US$) and we do not have the parts yet ! many emails were NOT replied and in one email Mr. S. Jakes said he will send first 3 chassis, but that was not the truth ! We have NEVER get anything from him !!! 10 days ago, he said that he will send the money back and it will take 3 to 5 days. NOTHING HAPPEND !!! No chassis and no money back ! We have many connections to Hong Kong and Japan, but the connections to PRO-Z is really the BADDEST we ever had in the last 2 years doin this business. I am sorry, but if you love your money, dont send any money to PRO-Z !!!! We now many other people who did this and NO ONE, we know have already a chassis sended by Pro-Z ! I hope Mr. Scott Jakes will read this and maybe he will think about his opinion of doing business with other people.
If we would do business like him, we could have closed our firm already....

hands off from Pro-Z... I am sorry to say that, but many people can hopefully understand it !!!

2003.03.04, 09:11 PM
Hey everyone!

I can not explain PRO-Z but everyone should check this page out!!!


David Bulldog
2003.03.04, 10:12 PM
Herr Olaf,
of mini-zshop.de/Ts-tuning?
Is that u olaf? its me david of malaysia ,wie Sie sind ,
If it is you I am sad that you share the same problem with me and the rest of us ,we have yet to accertain if pro-z is genuine because my biggest suspicion is on so called Damzer is the only one that have recieved his chassis and NO ONE ELSE HAVE!!! and over this forum and I have challenged him to assist us but he kept silent after that, but Pro-z or so called Scot addressed us that he will ship by march 20 th if not full refund would be given.
Gentleman and racers ,an Mini Z owners I suggets All to hang on to your wallets Untill we Have confirmed that we recieved our chassis .

David Bulldog

2003.03.05, 01:05 AM
Hi David,

yes, its me ! Nice to meet you here in the forum !! Hope you already have the nice TS-TUNING parts !If not, I am sure you will get them the next days. A parcel needs about 8-10 days from Germany to Malaysia. Reg. Pro-Z: I agree to your opinion, and maybe we really need to wait aggain two weeks, but thats really the deadline. Think you know, that we have always answered the mails you have written to us very fast, and that must be normal for a firm with good service. Next week, we are on a toy fair in gemany with an own booth to present new mini-z parts. We would have been glad to show there the PRO-Z Chassis, but Pro-Z has lost this chance ! We have been although on the biggest toy fair in Europe (January / Feb.) for 10 days, and that would have been a big chance for Pro-Z, because we could have been showed there the new chassis, but Pro-Z missed the chance. I really hope for all of us, that Pro-Z can send the chassis in the next weeks, and if he can not, he sends the money immediatly back to all of us. We have many many customers in germany who are very interested in the Pro-Z Chassis, but I am sorry that I have tell them, that it seems that we will NOT import them... We have to german brand in our shop (TS-TUNING and Z-Speed), that are only sold by Mini-Z Shop and both are great success !! I am sure Pro-Z might have be a big success, too, but not if it happend like this time. But I dont give up and still hope it will all become well......

David Bulldog
2003.03.05, 01:54 AM
Herr Olaf,

good to see you here too unfortunately under this circumstances ,I believe we had the same intentions in providing our customers the PRO-Z chassis but so far we have had the same fate.
We would be trying to promote your items in malaysia ,singapore and indonesia as thie are the 3 countries which Mini-Z is getting very hot, but I do recommend that you do talk to NOMOTORLIMIT
in thier motors and mystery-e's fet upgrade's ,I gurantee you the have the best of service in the industry.
BTW have not recieved items yet but waiting impatiently,

Untill then Olaf ,Auf Wiedersehen

David Bulldog:D

2003.03.05, 05:16 PM
have yet to accertain if pro-z is genuine because my biggest suspicion is on so called Damzer is the only one that have recieved his chassis and NO ONE ELSE HAVE!!!

I Am the "so called DAMZer" and I did receive a chassis in a genuine Pro-Z package. I have been a big supporter of his chassis and originally started this thead when I found it surfing the web search sites. I can only say that I do not have any sponsorship or monetary incentive to keep supporting his product. Just the patient desire to actually have a race tuned flat pan chassis.

Forgive me if I erred in supporting a product that will take the hobby to the next level. I am truly sorry that I expressed myself in such a way as to try to make you understand the pains of of a start up business.

If your intent is to challenge my integrity, give it your best shot. If you are just venting your frustration over the delivery delays, that is what the open environment of this forum is for and you are welcome to do so.

I sincerely ask you NOT to make it personal.:)

Ken Mifune
2003.03.05, 05:32 PM
Is this so called DAMZer the only one to get his chassis?
I've heard others received theirs.
worldrace posted a pic of his set up also.

It's hard to wait beyond the expected delivery date, but have patience if you don't want to go through the hard work of fabricating your own.

Yours truly,
The so called Ken Mifune

2003.03.05, 05:45 PM
Damzer have you got your chassis set up and what t-bar do you have.

2003.03.05, 05:56 PM
8mm diamond bar, green firm springs up front, 1 deg. castor, F-1 pcb, 6x2 FET, MZR M-bb, 8 tooth pinion, hard tires on stock Supra rims, Powerline (I think) motor mount.

An NML Fuzion is being wound and will be on its way shortly. I have the GPM low motor mount waiting.

BTW, geared for tight track conditions and to see how the torque would effect the handling of the chassis. Soaked it up without deflection and the control was predictable and comfortable. Confidence inspiring.

Bodie Jr
2003.03.05, 06:00 PM
I haven't ordered a Pro-Z chassis yet but I will order one soon I hope. After seeing pics of Damzers changeover my mind is made up. I have to have one.

My not ordering one now is not because of the delays Pro-Z is having either. I know personally of the headaches and delays you have dealing with machine shops and suppliers. A friend and I have designed and built two protoype simulator steering wheels and pedals for driving games for the PC. Alot of the members on our website would like us to put this design on the market but I've become somewhat discouraged from doing this because of my own experiences with delays and setbacks on materials and such. I've found out, at least in my experiences, that if the MS promises you a deadline on parts just add at least a week to that and you may be close. I'm not saying all MS's are like this but this is the case for me.

I've been silently following this thread from the beginning. Just thought I would throw in my similiar experiences.

Damzer.........That is one clean changeover you did there man. I like it. Nice job bro!!:)

2003.03.05, 06:19 PM
Try www.liquidrc.com

2003.03.05, 06:50 PM
Saw it the first time!

Obervations of the Liquid Design.

Top battery mount equals High CG
Like the servo but high CG
Like the adjustable rear body mount
Did I say high CG

I did something like that a year ago with a CF deck, but I kept it at the same height as the stock chassis.

Nice attempt, but for the difference in money I'd wait and get the Pro-Z!!

But if you don't wish to wait.............

Fiero Man
2003.03.05, 06:57 PM
This is what it is all about. The early stages of R&D. Only after all of the waiteing will you really get a good chassie.

2003.03.05, 08:18 PM
The liquid car looks cool.

I like the battery clips. They beat soldering and a fancy charger in my book.

Payday is Friday, I might get one if my girlfriend lets me!

James Quimby

David Bulldog
2003.03.06, 04:32 AM
I have no beef with you but please read my intensions first place of all I have dealt with olaf and NML and both was very customer orientated , this negative feedbacks again may be of use to PRO-Z as honest feedbacks rather than discarded as Attacks .

my perspective from the other side of the fence.

david Bulldog

2003.03.06, 05:49 AM
No problem, and I do understand your perspective on customer service. These delays will inevitably hurt Pro-Z's reputation. But the solution is the product, whenever it is delivered.

2003.03.07, 03:21 PM

Thanks for your patience. I'm in near perfection of my latest design. You'll like it.

2003.03.07, 07:00 PM
Bring it on Mr. C.!! I'm sure it will be worth the wait, just like the Pro-Z chassis.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.10, 12:25 AM
Hello All,

I just got back from my race 5th b main.

Chassis were shipped to Olaf just before I left. He should have them by now.

One of the locals running the Pro-Z already made a clip system so you don't have to use battery packs. It's not on the list for an add on at the moment but I'll post some photos so you can see how he did it.

Don't knock the Liquid Car to much, it does have a cool front suspension and it fits more bodies I think. At least it's not a copy.

2003.03.10, 12:34 AM
Hello pro-z, I would like to order one of your chassis...what is the wait time?
Thanks, sir.

David Bulldog
2003.03.10, 12:37 AM

Any indication on when will my chassis be shipped to me ?

David Bulldog

2003.03.10, 06:19 PM
same here, any idea when mine is going out? I see your sending some out and I was wondering what the status was on the body clips? Thanks for any help Pro-Z.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.11, 09:06 AM
You guys know when ever i put a date on it the world stops. I'm sticking to my March 20th ship date or refunds. Hopefully will ship sooner.

2003.03.11, 09:22 AM

2003.03.11, 07:44 PM

2003.03.11, 07:48 PM
amen..........i think PRO Z learned his lesson. Now that the onroad season is almost over maybe now he can start putting kits out the door.

2003.03.12, 12:16 AM

Congrats on your nice Pro-Z chassis setup. I'm thinking about building myself a Mini-Z based on the Pro-Z chassis also, and I was wondering if you are planning on installing the Pro-Z center damper? If yes, how do you plan to work out the clearance of the 6x2 FET stack and the Rx Crystal?

Also, how difficult have you found changing the batteries between heats? Do you see any future problems with the chassis screw threds as the case with the Mini-Z soft plastic chassis?

David Bulldog
2003.03.12, 12:35 AM
WELL said crashholly!!! I guess I dont have to say more I run a 22 million dollars turnover company and and we deal with Dell computers, ask me about production problems that have the just in time model(JIT)! ask me about the logistics nightmare I have to face daily! but still I have project timeline to fullfill!

Its only that I have trust in pro-z's product and so are my other rc business customers that I am willing to wait , so if you still feel that I have done you injustice I would gladly take my business elswhere and I would demand my refund now.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.12, 12:41 AM
Efsee - The dampener can be mounted in 2 front postions. low or high. Heres a photo of the low. simply flip over the front dampener mount to run it high and clear fet stacks.


Damzers first feedback was to include mini locknuts instead of standard nuts so i ordered them. I'll let Damzer himself field the question about the batteries.

2003.03.12, 07:05 AM
Pro-Z, thanks for the info.

I also think that DAMZer's feedback on the mini locknuts sounds like a very good idea. Also, I just saw on his pictures that on the left side of his chassis he has a threaded bolt coming out from the body mount. It's definetly much better than using screws.

I guess I'll just have to wait until you get your production problems solved so I can order my CF chassis. Please keep us updated on your production/delivery status.

2003.03.12, 05:41 PM
I've since removed the long bolt and replaced it with a 1/4-3/8"screw. That and the power connectors makes the battery swap fairly easy. Not as easy as popping off the clips on a stock Z but not long and tedious either. I have thought about keeping the long bolt and drilling a hole through it for a small body clip. That would really make it just as fast to get to the battery pack!

Yes I will use the center damper eventually. I am going to fit a small plate on my GPM lowheight motor mount when I get my NML motor.

I don't envision any problems with the screws holding the servo case. The 2-56 machine screws have much finer teeth.

2003.03.12, 06:37 PM
Stupid question, but why not charge the batteries in the car using mini-deans plugs?

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.12, 07:56 PM
ScottMcleod- That's what I do. Races are only 6 min here and it barley takes the edge off the battery. I repeak in-between rounds with no trouble on run time.

2003.03.12, 09:28 PM
I do this only when I can watch it.

I prefer to charge outside of the chassis. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I've blown several 6 cell 1/10 NiMH packs. Not a pretty site. I can imagine what spewed acid would do to exposed PCB components. After spending a bunch on the F1 PCB, I would like to keep it around for awhile.

With 2 packs, there is hardly any down time except for cooling the motor between runs. Takes a minute or so to change out the packs.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.13, 06:02 PM
Does anyone want to run a FM receiver, high speed servo with a servo saver and a speedcontrol that doesn't require fets.

Here you go. www.pro-z.com/newpics3.html

2003.03.13, 07:28 PM
Ya we can all see the pictures, when are we going to see to final product? A select few have them, the rest of us just kept getting promises that they are real and will ship soon. Until that day happens pictures on your web site don't mean much.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.13, 07:43 PM
agreed 100%

2003.03.13, 09:14 PM
the question then becomes can you still race it at kyosho organized races? I thought I read somewhere that you have to run the kyosho electronics or else they don't recognize it a mini-z. Come to think of it other than possibly the body it isn't a mini-z. I saw your 2 kits. Are they "in stock", wait let me restate that. Do you have them right now? At your house, place of business? If I ordered one and say I live in ny, how long can I expect to wait? Also, how much for the kits. I don't care for the yellow, but I was thinking of getting the damper so I was wondering how much. Thanks

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.13, 10:40 PM
Hi Crashholly - The beauty is that you can run both stock mini-z electronics or aftermarket. Take your pick.

It's up to the track to make that call.

Dampener is $18 hardware shock mount spacer and dampener.

All pending orders will be taken care of befor the 20th. No new orders have been accepet. I changed the site just for you.

Dampener will be available after kits are up to speed.

David Bulldog
2003.03.14, 01:07 AM

congratulations! this is the kind of feedback that would further enchance your business , my compliments and good luck to you on your future growth ,Keep it up..


Ko Racer
2003.03.14, 06:37 PM
Who said they dont care for yellow:eek: I bet you this might change your mind :D

scott .... your the man this is a sweet chassis kit and im ready to race it this weekend:cool:

Ko Racer
2003.03.14, 06:38 PM
the smooth bottom;)

Ko Racer
2003.03.14, 06:40 PM
one more . and im running 2 stacks of 7

2003.03.14, 09:29 PM
It is truly a sweet, well engineered piece of racing art, combining form and function. Damn, I do remember something from those engineering concept classes many years ago! LOL

It will make you a believer in true small scale racing. Race report needed!!

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.15, 02:34 AM
Just a reminder to do a nice job on wiring when you get your kits. I took my friends car away from him when I saw his wire job I'll post a before and after when I'm done redoing it.

Heres some before pics and my carbon car I raced last night.


2003.03.15, 09:58 PM
So are you now the mini-z god who decides who can have one of your chassis based on how well you can wire your car. Do we have to send you a resume of our skills before we get one. I'm sure your friend really liked being made fun of like that on your web site. Some friend you are.

2003.03.15, 10:09 PM
mysko- i think you are over reacting alittle;) . i don't think his intentions were to be pretentious. like a lot of people feel, including myself, if your going to do it, do it right. if i saw a friend doing a half-ass job, i would refine/fix/clean up it for him also. (not without asking first) i think it was more for example of doing a clean installation rather than a hodge-podge one.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.16, 01:02 AM
Send your resume to: justkidding@pro-z.com

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.16, 01:12 AM
I just want everyone to have awesome looking pro-z's

2003.03.16, 05:00 AM
I have nothing against pro-z, have a chassis on order myself. I'm just a little annoyed at all the delays and the promises. Until two days ago his web site said they were out of stock until Jan 15. (something better should have been under development expected release date so and so). The last email I got from Scott was Feb 15, it said I should have some ready next Tues. or Weds. The first e-mail my buddy got said he should have his before x-mas. April is approaching soon and we have yet to receive a finished product. Just pictures on his web site and pics from his friends who posted pics of theirs on this forum. I know what he meant about his friend car. It was just the way he said it. Sounded like a ten year old taking something back that he gave a friend just cause he did not like what he did to it. I'm sure he wired it to his liking and gave it back. Doesn't make it work any better, just look nicer.

2003.03.16, 08:48 AM
Originally posted by Pro-Z Racing
I just want everyone to have awesome looking pro-z's

Pro-Z Racing,

I'd like to see more info about the Pro-Z chassis on your site please.. (more than currently what is available).

Btw, I tried to order one from your site to check out the shipping, Paypal said that you are currently not able to receive payments. Either that or it is just another excuse from Paypal not to accept credit cards from Malaysia. Either way, any other method of payment?

As for taking your friend's car to redo the wiring, it does sound a bit childish just so your chassis would look good... but then again some people like to do their jobs properly.


2003.03.16, 09:22 AM
I think ya'll have missed the true reason that pro-z lent a helping hand. You must do a good job of insulating the connectors and isolating the different components from electrical contact. Otherwise the big POOF. I have been thinking about shrink wrapping the PCB to keep it safe from accidental shorting.

Ko Racer
2003.03.16, 12:06 PM
Originally posted by DAMZer
I think ya'll have missed the true reason that pro-z lent a helping hand. You must do a good job of insulating the connectors and isolating the different components from electrical contact. Otherwise the big POOF. I have been thinking about shrink wrapping the PCB to keep it safe from accidental shorting.

DAMZer...........that is what i just did shrink wrapped the pcb board and i put me some nice plugs on it also;)

pro-z (scott) is very helpful with any problems and questions you might have. scott is very nice and has a first class chassis kit!

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.16, 02:08 PM
Digisane - I will do my best to explain every part. How to build it and tune it. I am currently working an explanation of chassis rake and how ride height affects handling.

Question for all - What part on any mini z like car do you think is most critical for proper handling?

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.16, 04:36 PM
Digisane - I am not accepting new orders i havn't been for a month or so. I will post on the webpage when kits are available.

2003.03.16, 04:43 PM
Pro-Z, Is the yellow chassis made from G10 fiberglass or is it carbon fiber too?

In spite of all the negative comments, I am anxiously waiting for you to start accepting orders again so I can get one too! I want a CF one but I'll probably get a blue F'glass one because of my budget.


Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.16, 06:05 PM
The yellow is G-10 fiberglass. The yellow material was acually test material to be cut before the carbon fiber, blue and black G-10.

Ko Racer
2003.03.16, 06:45 PM
Originally posted by Pro-Z Racing
Digisane - I will do my best to explain every part. How to build it and tune it. I am currently working an explanation of chassis rake and how ride height affects handling.

Question for all - What part on any mini z like car do you think is most critical for proper handling?

...............The rear end? am I right?

Pro-Z Racing
2003.03.16, 07:00 PM
you can do better than that

2003.03.16, 07:11 PM
other than tires would be Centre of Gravity? Weight?

2003.03.16, 07:22 PM
Originally posted by Pro-Z Racing
Digisane - I will do my best to explain every part. How to build it and tune it. I am currently working an explanation of chassis rake and how ride height affects handling.

Question for all - What part on any mini z like car do you think is most critical for proper handling?


Weight distribution and center of gravity?