View Full Version : Board loading speed

2002.12.21, 02:58 AM
For me its loading really slowly now.

Maybe 5-7 times slower than before.

Losing bandwidth?

Make make a separate site for the board? Deatching it from the shop site...

Maybe its just me.:D

Oh, yeah, I got DSL in California.

2002.12.21, 06:15 AM
Mad , Mad I tell ya!

Ain't nothing wrong with the boards, see???

It's all in your head!!

2002.12.21, 09:31 PM
Slonik, in fact it's not just you, the site is almost unusably slow for me right now too (which is one of the reasons why you haven't seen many posts by me recently). It's a routing issue at the hosting company, which is supposed to be fixed by this weekend. Luckily it only affects a tiny fraction of users.

2003.01.06, 10:37 PM
Alrite, it's back to normal for me.

I shall start posting now...MUAhahahahahahahahha!!

Ahem, so, yeah, I'm back...more or less.