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2002.12.21, 01:06 PM
I was wondering if this esc would work in a mini-z. I dont know anything about it at all. I just know where I can buy it hehe. Well the guy uses it in other micro rc cars like DTM . And he has his own 1/24 alloy chassis. Well here is a pic. I am wondering if it could be better then the mini-z esc. I tried searching for info but I couldnt find any. http://www.intrepidrc.com/micro_acc_images/Micro10VRkl.jpg

2002.12.21, 03:23 PM
Looks like a typical Aircraft ESC... these have no reverse, and motor cuts off once volts start to drop (saftey feature for the plane so servos work after motor for landing purposes.

2002.12.21, 04:02 PM
It has proportional forward and reverse. Its not an aircraft esc. Its made for micro cars. Go here and scroll down. http://www.intrepidrc.com/micro_acc.html

2002.12.21, 06:40 PM
Then I thank you for finaly digging up the one with reverse!!! hahaha.. I heard ther ewas one, been looking and looking.. its based on an aircraft esc, but finaly... you just saved my AWD chassis project!!! now I need a reciever just a small :)

How come no photos of the reciever there, ill have to keep looking I guess, god I hope its small enough to fit the space I left in my chassis so I dont have to redesign it...

Oh its getting closer to reality ;) i have access to stereolithography, well maybe.. hehehe.

But yea that should work ok for the Z.... if there is no cut off voltage, and it has reverse its perfect for my use as well ;).

2002.12.21, 07:43 PM
I e-mailed him and he said it would defiantly work. He said all that you would need is a reciever. I think whenever I get another z or the overland i'll look into this. But right now my 2x4 fet is awesome.

2002.12.21, 08:24 PM
Keep me posted on this esc. I'm working on a custom Z chasis with different electronics too. But I cant seem to find a very fitting esc. A few close ones but none that great.