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2002.12.22, 11:43 AM
There is 3 type of mosfet I know
IRF 7389
HAT 3004/6
SI 4562 dy

The problem is, to buy it in my country Indonesia, its hard to find.
Any body know where to buy on line that delivers to my country?

2002.12.22, 12:43 PM

he might have some left... email him!

2002.12.22, 04:47 PM
I do not think he has any left. Any ideas where else to get some FETs?


2002.12.23, 08:05 AM
draconious just have 0 stock on 7389.

2002.12.23, 10:39 AM
well, email me any way, im still looking for more "deals" hehe... ive been adding emails into a sub folder, hopefuly I will find some and be able to email those I add to it and, those that have asked in the past.. as well.

I might not be able to buy them all up front this time, might need to rely on a pre-order type deal again...

2002.12.23, 10:54 AM
I really don't want to post here, but I will make this an exception.
My buddy who is an electrical engineer happened to have a source for IRF7389 Fets.

To those who are new: These are the fets used to replace the original fets so that your mini Z can handle hot motors like the ones I make.

anyway, each is $1.60 plus shipping. If interested, email me at nomotorlimit@hotmail.com

I have close to 1000, but will keep 200. So 800 goes to those who are interested.

Shipping is $4.30 for quantities 1 - 800

Once these are gone, they're gone!

2002.12.25, 07:12 PM
NOMOTORLIMIT I have mailed you liek 2 times telling you that I want 12 FETs did you get the messages...cause I really need those fets...

2002.12.25, 08:28 PM
I got your email, zizi. I am keeping count on all preorders at the moment. If I don't respond, please don't think I am ignoring you. I get a lot of emails on a daily basis. Once I'm ready to place the order, I will notify those who have expressed interest, and we'll go from there. Currently, I have a total of 168 fets that have been preordered. I have to meet the 1000 mark, in order to fulfill this order. Spread the word. thanks.

2002.12.25, 09:01 PM
Ok will do...I really need those fets...

2002.12.27, 11:18 AM
Originally posted by NOMOTORLIMIT

anyway, each is $1.60 plus shipping. If interested, email me at nomotorlimit@hotmail.com

I have close to 1000, but will keep 200. So 800 goes to those who are interested.

Shipping is $4.30 for quantities 1 - 800

Is this offer valid within the US only ? How about International order ?

2002.12.27, 11:53 AM
International buyers are definitely welcome. The shipping maybe a little more. Insurance is optional but recommended.

please email me and let me know how many you may need. Also, make sure you write your user name.

2002.12.27, 12:03 PM
off topic I just currious about intrenal turbo power consumption compare to external one.
in my place there is 25 minute race can we use single batt ?

2002.12.27, 12:08 PM
I know this was adressed to NML but I think that the interna one is more efficient and will give you longer runtimes than an external one

2002.12.27, 12:13 PM
other thing, people said an xspeed motor sometime fried a fet.
when we know that the fet are fried (sorry bad english)

2002.12.27, 12:21 PM
I think you WILL know when it is fried...either it wont move or it wll go really really slow...but dont get the x-speed get the MZR a-bb motor...a LOT faster...

2002.12.27, 12:21 PM
From my experience and possibly others:

Internal is more efficient, gives out more punch and top end. Responsiveness is a lot more compared to external.

I used to do burnouts like there was no tomorrow. This was on super grippy surface, btw.

Internal is the way to go. especially Project Fuzion. But don't take my word. Take it from those who have experienced Fuzion.

2002.12.28, 11:40 AM
What's the difference between 7389 and 3006? The local shop here only have 3006, i'm wondering whether they're worth the money.

2002.12.28, 05:28 PM
the 3006 is marginally better than 3004 , and the 7389 is better than both

if you are going to go through the hoops of installing an internal turbo, u better get the best one u can get your hands on

2002.12.30, 11:29 AM
NML, what is project fuzion.. or where the tread is?

2002.12.30, 03:41 PM

for more details on "PROJECT FUZION" click the "Internal Turbo/Fet Upgrade Specialists"