View Full Version : Eee..eee...eee

2002.12.25, 07:24 PM
is it normal for my mini-z to be making that sound...whenever I puch the throttle even if a little I can hear this sound coming from my mini-z is this normal??

2002.12.25, 07:55 PM
search forum, lube motor..

2002.12.25, 09:00 PM
but its an electrical eee eee eee I dont think its the motor

2002.12.25, 09:11 PM
That eee eee eeee is normal;)

2002.12.26, 02:54 PM
Check that ur throttle trim is centered.

2002.12.29, 05:49 PM
Yup, tweak your throttle trim on your controller and it will stop at a certain point, when you give some gas you'll still hear a little eee eee but it's ok, I found this to be pretty weird the first time too :D

2002.12.29, 06:37 PM
OH yea that sound, I forgot, my Z dont realy make that sound no more.. well it does It just hasnt been turned on in so long, and I am so use to it now its like its not there ;).