View Full Version : How do I install my X-Speed?

2002.12.28, 07:27 PM
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I just bought the X-Speed motor for my new Ferrari 360 Mini-Z and cannot figure out how to install it.

I did a search and nothing came up that was useful.


2002.12.28, 07:42 PM
Never Mind I've got the it in, the only problem is the little black gear that is on the metal rod on the motor that spins the white gear won't come off, and it didn't come with the x-speed. How ae the gears supposed to turn? Should the black gear just pop off the old?

2002.12.28, 07:48 PM
Never mind, installed it. Don't need any help.

2002.12.29, 09:11 PM
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2002.12.29, 10:00 PM
Red wheel nut tool also removes the pinion from motor shaft ;)

When setting up the gears, make sure you use the right spaces, the Mini-Z manual shows how...

2002.12.30, 02:27 PM
Do they make a "metal" pinion gear (any kind of metal) that is a bit harder than the plastic. Because mine is showing a slight bit of wear and tear around the edges and I was just wondering, because it would help the longetivity of the car....:)

2002.12.30, 04:16 PM
Sounds like you just need to seat the pinion with the spur gear better.... ive never worn out any gears... that were seated properly :) my 6t was nearly destroyed though from forward/reverse changes all the time.