View Full Version : MINI-Z help me ok...:)

2002.12.31, 05:40 PM
I see a lot of guys in here with their names when posted in the forum ie like mine mini-zfuel, but underneath mine says mini-z pro... can I change it like theirs??? I know it changes with total posts... but some are definately custom editing theirs... can you help me out???
thanks so much
Ryan P

2002.12.31, 05:59 PM
mini z fuel, click the User CP tab, it is in the bank off tabs where the search tab is. Then click edit profile. You should see an area that says Custom User Text. That's it ;) Fill in the field with your preferred words, and submit changes...done! :)

2002.12.31, 06:35 PM
its not there I looked everywhere and no luck!!! whats going on???
Ryan P

2002.12.31, 08:38 PM
he likely set it to an even higher post requirement ;)

2002.12.31, 09:11 PM
I c... so I dont suppose someone might tell me the actual number of posts I need???:)
thanks again
Ryan P

2003.10.10, 08:21 PM
im able to change mine at will and im under 500 posts