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2003.01.01, 02:02 PM
Hello all,

I was hoping that you could help me with a little problem i've encountered. I installed magnets into my stock motor that are about 1.5 times stronger than the stock magnets. When doing this I lost tons of top end speed. The magnets are identical in shape to the stock magnets.

Has anyone encountered this before?



2003.01.01, 02:52 PM
This is because when installing stronger magnets you gain more torque and therefore lose some top speed. You should pair that motor with a higher tooth pinion to get even higher top speed.

2003.01.01, 03:18 PM

But would it really take off a lot of RPM's. Because I lost a lot of RPM's. It does have quite a bit of torgue though. :)


2003.01.01, 05:51 PM
yea, just gear it higher ;)

2003.01.02, 12:37 AM
Originally posted by Eric

But would it really take off a lot of RPM's. Because I lost a lot of RPM's. It does have quite a bit of torgue though. :)


Yes, your magnet slow it down. In addition, it is impossible to assembling the motor the same as before. Therefore, there may be some gaps between the carbon brushes and the comm.

I don't suggest you to use strong magnet (neo magnet) with stock motor/X-Speed/MZR A motor. :D

2003.01.02, 10:27 AM

I put the nine tooth pinion in it and it makes a huge difference. It still gets up to top speed quickly and it really gets going. I'm giving a guess of about a 5-7 mph increase. Polishing the comm and brushes to a mirror finish may have contributed to this as well. :) (and a water break in to seat the brushes)

Thanks for the help,


Carlos Diaz
2003.01.09, 09:50 PM
isnt it because the magnets create a greater resistance to the armature to spin. Compare a stock motor which spins rather easily. Then compare it with a motor that has the stronger magnets. It will feel notchier. This is because the stronger pull of the magnets makes it harder for the armature to spin, but the strength of the magnets will also create lots more power, but while affecting top RPMs

2003.01.09, 10:15 PM
that notchy feeling has NO effect when the motor is powered up... that is just the attraction of the metal in the armature to the magnets... once they are powered up, the armature has a different polarity, cuz its charged one way or the other by the wire coils inside it... so stronger magnet = stronger motor... just like a 800mah battery holds more then than a 550mah.... the slow ness is just cuz its a different ratio of force vs speed vs load, vs amps vs volts vs rotation mass, etc etc.. in the motor... the motor needs to be re-wound for more RPM, or regeared for less reduction...

2003.01.10, 03:55 PM
I saw the Dangun Racer have a magnet which looks like the neo magnets from PN racing. Is that a good buy?
Will adding a stronger magnets fry the FET on a non-turbo car?