View Full Version : Mini-Z Admin's UK trip

2001.12.30, 05:50 PM

Firstly seasons greetings to you!
I hope you have a wonderful 2002 celebration!

So, you are in the UK?
Wonderful, how do you find England?

Also, whereabouts are you in the UK?

I wish I knew you were coming earlier, I coulda placed an order and collected it from you. I only realised you were on your way to this poxy little island once I read the Thread on decals!

I hope you enjoy England. I've been back here for 15 months and I am just getting used to this cold, crappy climate.

Keep well!


2001.12.31, 06:11 AM
Mondo, I'm actually from the UK originally; currently visiting relatives in Norwich. It's snowed more here than it had in Michigan when we left!

2002.01.02, 11:23 PM
Hey Mini-Z, when do you think you'll be back in the US? I'm planning on making an order as soon as you get back, lemme know :)


2002.01.03, 02:02 PM
I'll be back on the 6th; you can order now though if you like, esp. if there's anything you need special ordered.