View Full Version : e-mail to the shop

2003.01.02, 12:37 PM
anyone know if the shop is having trouble getting e-mails? cant seem to get an answer from them. maybe i have worn out my welcome already. hehe

2003.01.02, 12:42 PM
Forward me a copy of the email. russ@mini-zracer.com

2003.01.02, 05:46 PM
man not again I went through a ton of problems with his email too...:( but it all worked out for the best...:)

Ryan P

2003.03.27, 02:26 AM
David seems to miss a lot of my emails to, I think I resend the last one about 3 times and still no reply after 24 hours, I didn't know if he recieved 'em because the site was up and down in the proces...on top of that I got some special items in my last order that he got to catch first so I must show some patience I guess :)