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2003.01.02, 08:24 PM
cant wait to order from you guys my credit card company is sending me a replacment card becuase i cant sign up for paypal without my security code which i forgot to write down before i ripped it up to curb spending LOL D*mn somtimes ya gotta stop and think

2003.01.02, 08:38 PM
good deal... Ihave already ordered twice form david here at mzr and he rocks man!!! you are in good hands...

Ryan P

2003.01.06, 12:37 PM
so have you ordered yet??? better not wait too long man stuff sells out way too fast...:(

Ryan P

2003.01.06, 04:51 PM
I ordered from here & it rocked!!

I ordered it last Tuesday & got it all in today. Mike is very helpful & replied to all the questions I had in emails. I will be doing business again here soon.

2003.01.07, 02:57 PM
No not yet the D*mn card hasnt got here yet but it should be on its way and then i hope to order at least somthing anyway i was doing some checking and to get what i want to order im looking at about 200 dollars cant by just one thing when i buy i go for it all kinda like a D*mn woman buying shoes guess im just a big kid also recently picked up a micro r-s4 real cheap and i dont like it as much as my mini-z but i got plans for that its going to ebay or its going to brcome a 36 mile an hour fireball havent decided yet if it does i will take some pics