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2003.01.02, 09:36 PM

2003.01.11, 08:08 PM
Nice chassis dude...

2003.01.13, 11:29 AM
Nice! I like you bodies too - cool! :) What is your setup on each car?

2003.01.14, 04:19 PM
Originally posted by mini-z
Nice! I like you bodies too - cool! :) What is your setup on each car?

For the NSX:

Front RC racing 25 tire
Hard anti-roll bar
0 degree tie-rod
0 degree knuckle
yellow spring
Lower by 1.8mm (motor bushing)
Rear damper with yellow spring/green spring, preloaded by 1mm
(use Yellow when in low traction, green in high traction)
Roll shock yellow spring
GPM #174 H bar
Nil triangle plate installed.
Topcad alloy mount
topcad motor clip
Kyosho ball diff with Ti shaft
Rear RC Racing 18 tire
Using M'z hand wound 35turn

For the F355:
Front Kyosho 20 tire
hard anti-roll bar
0 degree camber
0 degree tie-rod
yellow spring
lowered by 1.8mm
rear damper with yellow spring, preloaded by 1mm
roll shock yellow spring
Kyosho Med H plate
nil triangle plate installed.
Kyosho ball diff
Topcad alloy mount
topcad motor clip
Rear RC Racing 25 tire
M'z hand wound 44turn/ M'z 45turn stock

2003.02.02, 09:25 PM
Are the clear and colored chassis as tough? I heard they were a little lighter than the stock ones

2003.02.02, 10:36 PM
I think the rigidity and the weight are about the same.....