View Full Version : Pics of my track!

2001.12.31, 08:28 AM
Well I finally took some pics of my track! I always forgot to take pictures because I was to busy practicing:D I got all of my ideas from Radio Control Car Action magazine's January edition. The track is made out of .5 inch PVC pipe and connectors. It is 14' x 18' and cost me about $35 from a plumbing suppy store. Let me know what you think!

2001.12.31, 12:42 PM
Gj ! I would do it almost exactly the same, I would try to make the corners round.

2001.12.31, 12:49 PM
Round is good, those 90 degree PVC angles are a pain in the ahem.... ran into one alot at the Ypsi Riders track..

I think I prefer the Pipe Insolation, as apose to the pipe itself, its flexible and can be cut into 4 strips to get 4 times the track length out of it. And it dont hurt so much when you scrape into the walls :D .

2001.12.31, 09:07 PM
Sorry if I confused anyone. I got the track info from the January edition of Radio Control Car Action, not XtremeRC that I stated in the thread.(I have since revised the post). Greg

2002.01.01, 01:20 PM
Looks good, how's that surface though?

2002.01.01, 01:34 PM
Our club track is made using the same principles and materials.

We cut pipe insulation in half and used it on all the inside and outside corners.

Easy to make, easy to assemble/dis-assemble, cheap cost. just has those 45 deg corner angles.

Also generates a lot of scrubbing to the front bumpers due to the pipe radius. Flat bumpers do not help.:cool:

Wish my garage was clean enough to put in a track, lol.

2002.01.01, 01:39 PM
The concrete the club runs on is standard commercial grade and finish concrete. Smooth but not sealed or polished.

Before we run, we take a leaf blower and get all the dust off. Then we spray grape soda, the cheaper the better, approx. 3 liters, using a standard yard sprayer. It only takes 15-20 minutes to dry. This gives plenty of traction for most hard and medium tire compounds.:cool:

2002.01.01, 10:17 PM
Mini-z, the answer to your question, how is that surface? Very slick! If you read my thread "concrete floor traction" you know I've been having problems. I have tried DAMZer soda idea with good success, and I like the idea of the foam on the ends of the pipe, more forgiving! I have also noticed something worth mentioning, even though I heat my garage with a torpedo heater when I want to practice, the temperature of the concrete doesn't heat up to much and I am noticing that the colder the floor temp, the worse traction I get. Any NASCAR fan could tell you that warm tires stick better than cold tires. Oh well, just going to have to live with it until spring.:D

SSJ Char
2002.01.01, 10:31 PM
You guys know what you should do to spray the pop onto the floor? get a cheap airbrush from somewhere like walmart. there is a cheap set in the model sections. airbrushes spray a very fine mist. this will give you more use out of your pop, and will give you a more constant surface.

2002.01.02, 02:03 AM
If the sugar and salt dont clog the airbrush nossle when drying out ;) - hair spray, or eyeglass cleaner bottles should work just fine, and should be cheap or free.

SSJ Char
2002.01.02, 02:24 PM
those cheap ones are so easy to clean. but ya, just dont let it dry.