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2003.01.05, 08:58 AM
with the help of kyle keller of latency project, you can view pics of my Z collection here:



abe delacruz (aka West.F1)

(many thanks to kyle on his assistance. but never race him. he's been known to t-bone :D)

2003.01.05, 09:08 AM
great stuff west as usual, some nice and quite artistick pictures of that f1 car....you love that car don't you?:D :D

2003.01.05, 09:42 AM
thanks lemanz

i became an avid F1 fan about the time Mika Hakkinen became double world champ for the West sponsored mclaren-mercedes team.

On one of the F1 pictures you'll notice the shadowy backdrop of another mclaren with mika's name on the side pod. this is actually an 18th scale diecast model made by hotwheels. the same one behind my head in the first photo.

the mercedes F1 was my first Z ever. unfortunately due to lack of local interest i've been running these DTM sedans more . one is stock, the other modified.

2003.01.06, 06:02 AM
We got the same first F1 car West F1 ;) I'm not really a fan of David Coulthard but damn I love the colors on that McLaren !

I got pics of my second F1 right here, it's the F2002 from Michael Schumacher, I'm a fan of him since 1994:


My parents have 2 Mercs :D, a Class-A and a Vito, I like all Mercedes cars, I will probably buy a DTM sedan in the future.

2003.01.06, 07:34 AM
thanks smolders. the Potenzas look nicer than the Michelins on certain F1 cars especially the Ferraris. The actual MP4-17 were clad with michelins however since the team switched their allegiance away from bridgestone.


2003.01.06, 08:37 AM
I would love Michelins on my McLaren but I still got the MP4-16 from 2001 !, to keep realism I leave the Bridgestone stickers on, maybe you thought it was the MP4-17 2002 car cause it has a T-Cam, I glued the T-Cam on the car myself, I ripped it from a old 1998 Ferrari model :)

The MP4-16 with Bridgestone tires: