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2003.01.07, 06:57 PM
want to race so bad

2003.01.08, 02:23 PM
I live in Wheeling. I am new to the RC world and would love to race my mini-zs.

I have 2 F-1 (Mclaren and Ferrari)
- Original parts. Only one hop-up to the Ferrari (internal antenna)

and also an AMG CLK Mercedes
- Stock engine
- Upgraded ball differential.

2003.01.08, 02:33 PM
well, there you have it.

only takes two to start a race and the fire will spread eventually

Ken Mifune
2003.01.08, 05:11 PM
I just got word from Chicagoland RC...

Walt said...
If you have a small electric R/C car (Kyosho Mini-z or HPI Micro RS4), join us in the banquet room of the Tinley Park Bowling alley (home of the Chicagoland R/C Raceway) next Wednesday, January 15th, at 6pm to do a little indoor carpet racing. The cost is $5/person, and we'll run until everyone's out of batteries or falls asleep.

Update on our outdoor season:
We are still planning on running a full season of outdoor racing this year. We're planning on running on road (road course) on Sundays, off road on Saturdays, and RCNASCAR oval on Friday nights. The off road track will be open for practice daily, and we'll have new lighting for both on road and off road, so we can race into the night. We hope to have the on road track open for practice during the week also...
...we're also planning to run a couple of 2.4 hour enduros during the summer (on road) and will be hosting the first annual 'Monster Jam' for everyone that has a
monster truck in his R/C fleet. This event will feature events such as: free style runs for points, hill climb events, long jump events, mud bogs, sled pulls, and of course, races. It should be a lot of fun.

Walt Gorczowski
Race Director, Chicagoland R/C Raceway
email: walt.gorczowski@nav-international.com

2003.01.08, 08:14 PM
Ken, thanks for the 411.

Unfortunetly, I work downtown and it would be very difficult to make it by 6pm on Wed.

But, I sure will try.

2003.01.09, 01:03 AM
i just got a stock skyline with an extra rx7 body i might upgrade before the race any good ideas on a decent aaa nimh charger i like the one from maha

2003.01.09, 08:56 AM
I got one at Radio Shack pretty decent and cheaper than most of the ones sold at my LHS.

Ken Mifune
2003.01.09, 09:23 AM
I forget which model but I use a MAHA charger and 650 batteries. Good stuff.

Don't worry too much about hop ups for Wed. Fun and driving is all.
It might not be a big deal if you don't get there right at six either.

2003.01.09, 09:25 AM

I will try to make it on Wed then.

Where is this place located?

Ken Mifune
2003.01.09, 09:27 AM

2003.01.09, 10:10 AM
Thanks again for the 411, Ken.

2003.01.10, 01:59 AM
hey did you have to order that charger from maha or did you buy it locally if so where (i want one) see you guys at the race

Ken Mifune
2003.01.10, 02:30 AM
I ordered it from...
That was two years ago but it doesn't look like much has changed.

Also, click on the "Educate Me" button for good info on NiMH, NiCd, etc.

Ken Mifune
2003.01.12, 11:52 PM
If there are no unexpected circumstances, it will not be an unhappy thing if I am there Wed.

Give a shout for Kenichi if you show, and I will display some of the most unskilled driving not of your life time.
It would be good for the condition of your car to not be in the same heat as I.

Writing this way is not an unpleasant thing for right now.
It is... ermm, entertaining.;)

Sno, are you in?

2003.01.15, 08:01 PM
D@mn!! Too late!

After several years out of RC racing, we were recently introduced to the Mini Z's and Micro Rs4's. Been looking for a place to race/destroy :D some z's as well as micros. Found this thread too late... you guys are playing as Im typing this.

Tinley Park huh? I spent my teen years there, back when Harlem ave was a 2 lane road, and the drive in was THE place to be on Friday Nights for REAL (drag) racing.

Meanwhile me and the kid keep racing.....I mean testing....I mean crashing .....ahh $#!T.....Having fun, :) on our 23x13 carpeted "TRACK" (used to be a family room, now its "DADS room") We are about 60 miles west of Tinley Park just off I 80. If any of you might be interested in a place to "play" out this way, I am almost always home (recovering from back surgery and Drs say the bending to pick the little cars up is good for me LOL!) shoot me an email drakester@mchsi.com I can take a few Pics and email em or post them here for you to see "the Track"

Im REAL interested as to how things went this Wed and if and or when they will do it again...Count me and my 19yr old son in for the next round in Tinley for sure!


Ken Mifune
2003.01.15, 11:41 PM
It was great. pev942 is a very good driver.
Man, he runs a clean line.
There were 3 heats (5 min. race) plus the main (10 min).
They also ran Micros.
They ran both in the main. It consisted of six Micros and two Zs (Me and pev942).
It was fun passing the stock Micros on the straight, then passing some of the over powered Micros in the turns. Every lap should be like that. I need more consistency. I also had a tire (foamie) slide in and off the rim. So, I finished somewhere in the back half of the pack. pev942 finished 3rd.

I'll guess that the track was 50'x 35'. That explains a little bit why the Zs were keeping up with the Micros. Some couldn't believe it.

They're doing more next Wed.

edit: Walt let me try his Micro. He has that thing sooo dialed in. If I raced more, I'd get one.

2003.01.16, 01:36 AM
race results
it was a blast there was about 10 guys only 2 of us brought minizs the rest had micro rs4s but a couple of them said they own minis but didnt bring them that night but would next week

me and ken duked it out in the qualifiers and then we all raced together with micros in the main event (and i finished 3rd with a stock miniz)

the next race will be on wednesday january 22 at 6 same place email him to let him know you are interested and he will keep you updated www.chicagolandrc.com

hope to see you all there

i might help the cause by making flyers and taking them to the local hobby shops in my area

p.s. el mexicano what happened see ya next week?

2003.01.26, 10:43 PM
what happened everyone we need more people to race at www.chicagolandrc.com they are racing every wednesday night now and they have awards for the winners it only costs five bucks and its is lots of fun i had to borrow someones micro cause there were no other minizs i hope more people show up. tell your friends minizs are so cheap and so much fun

Ken Mifune
2003.01.27, 01:12 AM
Sorry, I couldn't make it.
How did you do with the loaner MicroRS4?
Didn't they let you run against them with your Z?
Did you ever "FET up" along with a hotter motor?

I'm trying to schedule to go again.
I'll run you again but, although I came close in one heat, I'm not really in your class. and it would be more exciting to have more Z-ing show up.

After racing Micro RS4s, are you considering migrating?

2003.01.27, 01:35 AM
i got the fets but have not upgraded them yet. i bought an xspeed motor. i won with the rs4 i am going to buy one but not for a couple of weeks i will still run my mini z it is fun to race "the smaller the better" i would even race my epoch

2003.01.27, 08:03 AM
Sorry guys,

These past two weeks have been very hectic. Can't find any free time.

And this week is also looking that way again. But, I haven't given up hope...

El Mexicano

2003.01.29, 12:42 AM
heys guys i cant make it this week my girl friend went into the emergency room and has surgery that night i will be there next week

2003.02.10, 03:35 PM

I go to school in Peoria, but I come home to the Glenview/Deerfield area about once a month. If you hear about nay mini-z racing by you, let me know. I'd love to come out.

Tinley Park sounds great, but its a bit of a treck from the north suburbs. And I can only get there on the weekends. Wednesdays are out.


PS I have an Overland and a Nissan Xanavi is on the way...both entirely stock.

PSPS What did your girlfriend have surgery for?