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Carlos Diaz
2003.01.11, 11:54 PM
here is my new car

2003.01.12, 10:02 AM
very nice calsonic:D

2003.01.13, 03:42 AM
the picture tells me!

Wide Inch ups! ;D

looks good though

Tommi Makkinen
2003.02.06, 08:33 PM
Originally posted by Carlos Diaz
here is my new car

Very nice... just a query, is that the new nismo skyline body or you modified the R34 street version? if it is a mod job, very very nice work!! too cool for descriptions...!!!

2003.02.07, 03:06 AM
ala eh kabayan tommi... yun mga iyon eh ang mga bagong wankata ng kyosho... nakakatulo laway ano???

(translation : hey tommi... those are the new kysho autoscale bodies.... mouthwatering aint it?)


o eto pa.... (translation: here's more)....


Tommi Makkinen
2003.02.11, 10:25 PM
ngek! meron ako close up litrato ng mga bagong kaha ng mini-z... Action Hobbies nga meron nang mini-z overland kaso sold out na... dyahe!!!

(translation: yikes! I got close up shots of the new bodyshells for the mini-z... Action Hobbies now has the mini-z overland but theyre sold out now...darn!!!)

2003.04.30, 09:57 AM
picked up a calsonic just this past weekend.


more pics in my album. i might sway from using the clk for season two.. not sure yet.