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2002.01.01, 06:05 PM
Well, so far I'm really enjoying learning to drive my Mini-Z F1.
I can't wait for the first race.
I wonder what i should be doing as far as basic maintenace - cleaning, lubricating, that sort of thing.

2002.01.01, 07:46 PM
well, the basic thing on maintenance is always take out the batteries when servicing the car. Follow this rule, and you'll have a fun time with you car.
The car doesn't really need lubrication, but should be lubed up in the moving areas for good performance.
Don't take the car apart when not nessesary, this will lead to wire breaking, and more risk of electrical short in the ESC.
hmmm.... keep the tires clean, free of dust, and you'll have good grip....
don't crash the car too much, (obviously haha), cuz you'll risk getting your servo gears stripped....
and always have some spare parts, just in case something happens...
oh, and use the motors recommended by the professionals.... cuz if you use other motors, then you'll have a very good chance of shorting out the ESC....
and the last idea i can think of is.... hmmm, talk to your car when you're lonely... haha lol....

2002.01.01, 09:12 PM
What I do every time I'm done running my Z is to use a paint brush (1") to clean out the dust and crud that gets up inside the bodywork and on the chassis itself.

If your car is especially dirty you would want to disassemble the rear end and clean and regrease your diff.


2002.01.01, 09:14 PM
Talk to it, huh?
Well, if you say so!

Actually, I have been known to talk to slot cars when in the heat of a race!

2002.01.01, 09:28 PM
talking works for me... although it's not a living thing, (haha) it helps reassure me in stuff i'm uncomfortable of.... treat it kinda like your best friend... and if you do, that's good maintenance... u get what i mean rite??

2002.01.01, 09:36 PM
Mandingo, I grok your meaning!

Just good karma, simple as that.

Nice page, too. I'm working on one, but want to get some racing pix in, and haven't raced the guy who talked me into this yet!

2002.01.01, 09:58 PM
thanx... my site isn't really ready yet... i'm waiting for parts for my mini-z.... then i can resume taking photos.... haha... i lost the steering rod that connects the servo to the wheels.... somehow i dropped it down my heating vent and that's basically the point of no return... and from experience, another point of maintenance is, never drop pieces, cuz your heating vent will eat it... lol...

what's your site address... i would like to check it out... and perhaps add it to my list of links?

2002.01.02, 03:26 AM

Other than general maintenance, ensure you have certain spare parts on-hand in case you need them.
These consist of: Tyres, Steering Servo Gears and some good Alkaline AAA's in case them NiMh's cant be charged in time :D

I see you have the F1 Mini-Z, akthough Kyosho designed a servo saver, I still recommend spare servo gears. They are the one item that I always order from my UK supplier, even if I am ordering something else, servo gears are just one of those spare parts you cannot have enough of!

Enjoy your 'Z :)


2002.01.02, 09:25 AM
Yes, i agree with mondo... u must have servo parts... servo gears are quite hard to find, so if you see any in your LHS, get it ASAP....

2002.01.02, 07:00 PM
Get some canned air, the kind the computer guys use. Found a deal on a 3 pak at Sam's, about $10-12, called Enviro-Duster.

They are basically compressed air and have an extension tube to reach the confined places.

Be careful with the can, do not tilt or invert as it will spray a very cold liquid/mist. Don't think it would harm your electrics as it dries upon contact but I still wouldn't take the chance.

Works well on tire and road dust, convenient and easy to carry and use.:cool:

2002.01.03, 02:32 AM
keep a used toothbrush on hand to clean dust/dirt that accumulates in between the pinion and spur gears... dust and dirt caught in between the gears can wear them down faster than well kept clean ones.