View Full Version : rewound motor probs

2003.01.14, 05:36 AM
ok i rewound a tamiya motor with 45T 30guage wire, soldered 2 10nF caps across the shell and terminals but when i used the motor the steering of my z tends to shake perioudically making my z do abit of a swerve...why does this happen? how can i fix it?

2003.01.14, 10:03 AM
try to use 103cap like x-speed does.
and try to solder one more cap between the terminals (+/-)

that's all i can suggest based on your info provided.

2003.01.15, 08:57 PM
yeah 103 = 1 0 000 pF = 10nF which is what i used....

2003.01.16, 12:13 AM
i think that you should try 104cap, see if it can solve your problem

2003.01.16, 02:57 AM
yeah i soldered another cap across the motor terminals and that seemed to fix it up...