View Full Version : Forgot My Gallery Password (d'oh!!)

2003.01.14, 03:06 PM
While I wait for the ever patient Russ to mail me a new password, here are a few fresh scans of my Z Chassis

2003.01.14, 03:08 PM
I suppose actually attaching the ppics wouls be an Idea, sorry

2003.01.14, 03:09 PM
Number 2, Sorry if some of these are still big, I have scaled them down already..

2003.01.14, 03:11 PM
I'll be listing these in the parts in use gallery eventually, but I am missing a couple of P/Ns

2003.01.14, 03:12 PM
Last one.
BTW here is a list of currently installed hp-ups..

GPM Alloy Steering Plate (0 Toe-In) MZ049/0
GPM Alloy Full Set Screws - Red - 35PCS MZ905
GPM Alloy Battery Heat Sink Mount - 1PR MZ303
GPM Twin Muffler Set
Kyosho SP Nylon Knuckle Set (3) 695044-3
Kyosho Skelton Chassis Set (Clear Blue) MZW11CB
MZR Racing Dry Bearing Set - 7PCS MZR-4
MZR Extended Insulated Antenna - Black ZP-E1211
MZR Carbon Fiber O-Plate ZP-C3001
MZR Custom Ball Bearing Motor Z-130-A-BB
Powerline Aluminum Cross-Drilled Brake Disc Set SMZ-013-C
topcad Alloy motor moumt T3908
topcad 12 Spoke Alloy wheels- Wide Offset T3909
topcad alloy front bulkhead 3924
TopCad Front Spring Set T3937
TopCad Competition Rear Shock Set T3930
TopCad Ball Diff Set T3904
TopCad High Grip Tires (25 Wide Rear) - 4PCS T3922

2003.01.14, 08:40 PM
very nice, but why not change the bottom chassis??? use the clear blue you got...:) also arent you missing a few screws???:)

Ryan P

2003.01.14, 09:12 PM
done :)

2003.01.15, 07:24 AM
Originally posted by mini-zfuel
why not change the bottom chassis??? use the clear blue you got...:)
also arent you missing a few screws???:)

I had problems with the steering linkage using the blue chassis, I'll probably switch again, but it's a pain in the a$$ to do it.

I actually stripped the screwhole in the servo motor case, but I will be sorting that out soon, using the old soda & glue trick, or putty probably.

Does anyone have the number for the GPM exhaust set??

Thanks Russ, I'll check that when I get Home. No yahoo mail at work ...:(

2003.01.15, 10:08 AM
nice chassis. like the dinged up body too. a sign of frequent use.

it's all good.

2003.01.16, 07:34 AM
the Nsx shell is what I use for racing, but I have a whole lot more for show, as well as a couple of custom jobs I'm working on .
Altogether, I have :

2x Porsche
2x Beetle RSI
2x impreza (1 sti , 1 WRC)
1x Trueno
1x Nsx
1x Mini (custom, in progress)
1x BMW CSL 3.5 (likewise)

There are 3 Z's in the house and a Palm Runner, and a brother and a sister who are as crazy about them as I am.