View Full Version : Carrying case

2002.01.02, 12:09 AM
I just got back from Wal Mart and bought a great case to carry around all of my stuff for my Z and Bit Charge.

Wal Mart sells the Magnum-44 tackle box for about $25.00 and it has A LOT of space in it! The top (outside) cover has all my mini z parts, the bottom holds the transmitter with antenna removed on the right and has space for the car and two bodies (packed in foam) on the left, the inside tray that clips to the lid has my tools and is accessable when it gets unclipped from the top lid. Once it's unclipped and hinges down, another (!!!) storage area has my Bit Charge stuff in it. I'm pretty pleased with this since it holds all my junk and is only about 12x22x9 inches.