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2003.01.15, 03:41 AM
These are some pics of a brand new Mini-Z I've put together for my son, who is 13 years old.
He lives in South Africa and Mini-Zs just don't exist there.
He already has one Mini-Z, but as we know, one is never enough.
This new 'Z is a suprise, he has no idea that it's coming.

It has:

X-Speed Motor
TopCAD Alloy Motor Mount
TopCAD alloy steering knuckled
TopCAD alloy BBS wheels with wide rear
TopCAD 20 degree soft tires
Bearings all round
Kyosho carbon H-Plate
TopCAD alloy front bulkhead
Kyosho front spring kit (red/soft)
Front Bumper

Edit: I broke the side mirror off!

2003.01.15, 03:43 AM
Pic of the naked truth

2003.01.15, 03:47 AM
Another pic - last one

2003.01.15, 05:34 AM
Thats nice, but lol u broke the side mirror , u hsould break the other one of ot make it look even... ;)

2003.01.15, 09:13 AM
That's a nice car for your son Mondo, does he have a charger and batts over there ? :)

You're son will be so excited he will overlook the missing mirror in the first weeks he plays with it :D

2003.01.15, 09:29 AM
he will propably snap the second mirror before even noticing that the fist one was missing;) ........mondo, you sure are a nice dad:D

2003.01.15, 10:47 AM
Originally posted by Sm0lders
That's a nice car for your son Mondo, does he have a charger and batts over there ? :)


Yes, he has an Energizer 4 hour charger and 12 750mAh NiMh AAAs

It's not his first Mini-Z, he allready has two!
He also has a fully tricked Mini-Z F1 McLaren, it has bearings, Kyosho ball-diff, X-Speed motor, Square alloy wheels with Kyosho 30 Deg slicks and stainless kingpins
He got that for his birthday in October 2002.

His original Mini-Z is a Porsche with X-Speed, Bearings, TopCAD ball-diff and alloy motor mount.
It's bodyshell is so beaten up, LOL, looks like a stolen and recovered car.

Originally posted by le-manz
.......mondo, you sure are a nice dad


I try my best. He's also a BIG RC fan and races slot cars twice a week.
Here's a pic of us together on his Quad Bike

2003.01.15, 11:24 AM
You'll get the "Super Daddy" award from Mini-Z Racer.com :)

2003.01.15, 05:18 PM
yamaha blaster?

2003.01.16, 06:26 AM
Originally posted by wrcracer
yamaha blaster?

Yup, Yamaha Blaster 200cc with an FMF pipe and tailpipe, uprated reedvalves and ported.
It gave the standard Banshee I ride a hard time in a stright line

2003.01.17, 02:40 PM
very nice mondo...:) you did a great job on that viper...:) now just to find another mirror huh???:)

2003.01.18, 03:21 PM
mondo: thas cool. wish my dad would get me a cool 4 wheeler (hell, i wish he'd get me a 4 wheeler period!:p )

2003.01.20, 05:22 AM
Originally posted by mini-zfuel
very nice mondo...:) you did a great job on that viper...:) now just to find another mirror huh???:)

mini-zfuel, LOL!

Expect an ad in the Mini-Z Market:

Wanted, blue mirror set for Viper GTS.

Yea, the Viper is awesome, built mainly from excess parts I have accumulated over the years. They all come from spontaneous on-line shopping sprees. Click now, think later... :p

My kids original Mini-Z (The Porsche) has a burnt out FET, he drove it to death.
The Viper is a replacement, I'll keep his old one and do a FET upgrade on the ESC.
His F1 is his pride an joy, he doesn't drive it too much, uses it as a static display model more than anything else.


I am a born off-roader, so biking runs in the family.
Quads make me vervous, as they have a tendancy to stick around when you bail off them.
The Banshee is stuck in South Africa, I get to ride it once a year, but I know my kid rides it when I'm back in the UK.

2003.01.20, 10:02 AM
hey mondo...

if i move to south africa and call you dad, would you send me one of each of those things too? (a quad and a mini-z eh?)


2003.01.21, 05:21 AM
LOL @ herman.

2003.01.22, 04:53 AM
hey dad... i'm packing as i type... see you soon...:D

2003.01.22, 08:11 AM
Originally posted by Mondo
I am a born off-roader

i love you (in a not-g@y kinda way....):p

hahaha, look at my title.