View Full Version : heres mine!!!:)

2003.01.15, 11:46 PM
also in the gallery under mini-zfuel but here for now to keep you all drooling:)

Ryan P

2003.01.15, 11:48 PM
another :)

2003.01.15, 11:49 PM

2003.01.15, 11:50 PM
last one...:)

2003.01.15, 11:53 PM
i like your purple bits;)

2003.01.15, 11:56 PM
thanks!!!! the car came out pretty nice after all:)

Ryan P

why compete??
2003.01.16, 05:43 AM
I reeally like waht u done with the chasis. i wish i could do what u done. What parts r u using:confused: ????? :confused:

2003.01.16, 06:03 AM
Now that's a kewl chassis :) well done mini-zfuel

2003.01.16, 06:23 AM
now there's a well sorted chassis, good concept, I was wondering if that is a stock motor you are us

2003.01.16, 08:24 AM
stock motor for now, till david gets me my a-bb se...:) also I have all powerline pretty much, with a dab of megatech (Battery holders,antenna)

thanks for the compliments...

Ryan P

2003.01.16, 09:48 AM
very nice:D i can't say enough!

2003.01.17, 02:55 AM
Lakers theme!

me and me lude
2003.01.17, 03:12 AM
Originally posted by Psyklops
i like your purple bits;)

i like pink bits more;)

2003.01.17, 06:06 AM
Yes pink bits are especially nice:D

2003.01.17, 12:44 PM
That motor pod is hanging danerously low in the last pic. lol

2003.01.17, 01:11 PM
low what are you talking about??? I run it fine, and have had NO problems... man... learn how to tune your car, and you wont bottom out ok:)

Ryan P

2003.01.17, 02:18 PM
wow....that is low. did it come that way or did you make it that way. lower it is, the more stable it should be. nice chassis by the way

2003.01.17, 02:39 PM
it is as low as it should be... plus when I put it all together, thats how low it ended up...:) works on my garage track and runs AWESOME!!!

2003.01.17, 04:05 PM
pics of my charger and controller in my gallery!!!

2003.01.17, 04:07 PM
here is the controller...

2003.01.17, 04:08 PM
here is the charger...

2003.01.17, 04:49 PM
Thats the resson those slide on clip motor pods are worthless.

2003.01.17, 09:31 PM
worthless to you drac...:) they work for me, and I have had NO problems with mine... if you want to race offroad with your z thats your choice now isnt it...:)

2003.01.17, 10:28 PM
ok have fun when you get a track with hills ;)

2003.01.17, 10:52 PM
ok, there is no need for anyone to get frazzled.:D

concerns about ground clearance are different for everyone. i assume mzfuel has a smooth surface and therefore has no problems with his setup and is happy. i wish my circumstances were the same but they aren't. i run on asphalt which is rough so i had to re-install my stock motor pod. i wish i could use my powerline deluxe motor pod but i can't. :mad:

regarding the resentment your feeling, i'm sorry you feel that some are resentful, i don't believe there are a lot of people who have jumped into mini z's as fast and furious as you seemed to have. :D it took me more than 8 months to get my z to the point where i'm happy with it. if i had the means, sure i would have done just like you. i for one am happy to see you get into your z with such enthusiasm. :D some people respond differently to the same thing. i'm guessing here, that maybe some interpert it as arrogance or overly proud, which you should be proud. i think that everyone here is proud of their z and what they've managed to do with it. i don't want to drag this on so i'll let it go with this, be happy or else it's not worth it.

one other thing, post some of the pictures to the parts in use album, even the charger! it would help others.

2003.01.17, 11:30 PM
ok Arch, I will do that:) so what body should I do next??? gt3??? they are $12 at t.o.w.e.r...:) what do you think??? I run on my garage concrete floor, thats why I can run so low, as well as run my custom coled internal antennaalso I will NEVER need to drive this up hills ok drac??:)

I will be laying ozite (maybe) in the garage as well as buying all my pvc parts and pipes to bulid my custom track...:) just you all wait...:)

2003.01.17, 11:43 PM
personally i like the new corvette, after the modena of course!

2003.01.17, 11:48 PM
I dont want any bodies with sponsers...:( so what do you think gt3???:) or another modena???:) lmk what you think ok

2003.01.18, 03:00 PM
No sponsers, um *cough* *cough* I think you shall get the one you like the best! Personally I like the F360 Modena the best.


2003.01.18, 04:15 PM
you could get the all yellow vette and remove all the sponsor decals, it would make a nice pair with your modena. it the gt3 the porsche?

2003.01.18, 05:07 PM
of course!:p

2003.01.18, 06:57 PM
so on all the bodies the stickers just peel off???:) I didnt know that!!! wow that leaves some options open... now which bodies are wide like my modena???:)
arch yes the gt3 is the porsche