View Full Version : My Collection so far: C5R, CLK D2 and McLaren F1

2003.01.16, 10:08 AM
Here's my Mini-Z Collection so far.
Hoping to get a Ferrari F1 soon.

2003.01.16, 10:09 AM
Another shot of the trio.

2003.01.16, 10:09 AM
And yet another shot of the trio

2003.01.16, 10:10 AM
The McLaren F1

2003.01.16, 10:11 AM
Corvette C5R 2000

2003.01.16, 10:12 AM
Mercedes CLK D2

2003.01.16, 10:16 AM
Another shot of the McLaren F1

2003.01.16, 11:36 AM
nice pics. almost forgotten what it was like to have a new clean mclaren F1.

2003.01.16, 02:59 PM
...where did you pick that up?

I have been on the mad hunt for one, but have not yet located any...


2003.01.16, 03:15 PM
Thanks for the compliments!
They're stock for now but as my $$ build up, I'll be able to hop them up.

A Ferrari F1 may also be in sight soon :)

The McLaren is really a very slightly used one. Practically new. Got it from my friend who bought an MP4/17 and F2002 when he went to Asia.

I got it from my LHS, b4 I ever found out about this forum. That was the only one they got then so I grabbed it. Of course being my LHS, I got it for a premium but I guess that's what I pay for, for buying a newly released model.

It's still on it's 1st set of alks so far until I get my home-built track completed. Same way with the CLK.