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2003.01.17, 04:26 AM
Reading this forum I've learned that " not all bodies were created equal " (no, I'm not referring to women ;) ).

As a matter of fact the Beetle seems not to perform as well as the Ferrari Modena or the CLK, right?

Well, I was wondering whether this is true for the overlands too.
Is there an Overland body "better" than others?

Since I'm going to buy one, I'd like to have your impressions and suggestions.


2003.01.17, 08:14 AM
my opinion

i first had the pajero. it handles well and do to it's short length, it has better cliumbing ability. it is difficult to get the body off and on.

now i have the land cruiser. while i like this body better, it is much longer reducing its climbing ability. it also tends to roll over easier. the body is much easier to get off and on.

2003.01.17, 08:21 AM
Thanks arch2b,
so basically you are saying that the Pajero is better, in terms of maneuverability, but the Land Cruiser is better looking (and I agree).

Am I right?

2003.01.17, 08:44 AM
i'd say that is an accurate interpretation:D

i can only hope that other dakar rally bodies will be produced, like the awsome bmw truck, #205 i think.

2003.01.17, 08:48 AM
Thanks for your input... I'll probably go for the Pajero first, and then buy additional bodies when they eventually come out...

2003.01.17, 03:39 PM
Has anyone tried to stick a WRC body on it?

2003.01.17, 03:51 PM
You'd have to put collars on the shocks so they didn't travel so far and hit the body. I think it's very possible though.