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2002.01.03, 12:31 AM
Hello All,

I've got a question...

How durable are the water-transfer type decals in combat? They seem like they would scratch off easily. But I guess it is harder to find 1/24 scale sticker type decals.

Anyone know where to get sticker type decals in 1/24 scale?

2002.01.03, 02:45 AM

Some of the guys here print their own decals with waterproof ink on a special paper. This is then soaked in water and slid onto the bodywork.
Vinyl is another option, but it's bulky.

Another bunch who make decals for 1/24th scale (Remember Mini-Z's are NOT 1/24 scale, they are 1/28) is AutoGraphics.
The 1/24th scale decals will work on the Mini-Z.

Here is ther website:



2002.01.03, 08:49 AM
Mondo; he was referring to the waterslide type decals. I'm not sure how well they would hold up to hitting walls and other cars though. They are rather brittle once on and can come off with some impacts.

One possibility is to put them on and put a few coats of clear over them to "seal" them. Enough coats and you can probably just wipe off your car with some degreaser to remove the day's residue.


2002.01.03, 01:18 PM
thanks guys,

I was talking about the water transfer decals, but I agree with the fact that they might rub off with contact, but I think that a few coats of clearcoat might be heavier than using vinyl decals. Wouldn't it also dull the edges of the decals, making them look cloudy?

The guys at my local shop managed to make a Castrol sponsored Altezza using 1/10 scale decals, and it looked cool. I guess you just have to find the little decals on the sheet to use. I have lots of 1/10 scale decal sheets at home that I got from dollar boxes at hobby shows. Some are pretty cool, and most are fairly recent.

The Idea of a Repsol sposored Lancer is sounding pretty good.

2002.01.03, 01:48 PM
I also noticed at my local Hobby shop, that they have those decal paks that are the rub off type. A pretty large variety with all the usual suspects like "STP" etc etc. Now not sure how they will work and hold up since they are for those Pine cars you make in boyscouts or what not. I am considering on buying a pak for a couple of dollars though.

2002.01.03, 03:33 PM
They suck ;) at least on some types of paint and on wood ;) -- Unless they changed in the last 15 years since I used them on my last Pine Car ;). Directly onto the plastic they hold on pretty good... gota scrape them off.

2002.01.10, 10:02 AM
[Some of the guys here print their own decals with waterproof ink on a special paper. This is then soaked in water and slid onto the bodywork

What kind of 'special paper' is this? Brand etc... It is common?:confused:

In my store I found paper that are supposed to be used for making toy-tattoos, which seem to be a similar kind of paper, anyone knows if that will work? I think Im going to test it...