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2003.01.22, 08:21 AM

Finaly got my OL last night! The Red Pajero!

After fussing with the body, I have never had so much fun with a little toy! Tinkering over dvd cases and books, and cats...it is a blast. You really can't stop the thing.

I had read that the body was a b!tch to get off, but good lord, I takes me about 2-3 minutes a time to get it off...I have mastered getting it back on though.

I have to say, well worth it! I have some parts coming and can't wait to start tinkering with brush guards etc.

2003.01.22, 09:54 AM
we hope to see pictures soon.

what parts are you getting?

i have some parts coming as well, maybe a week or so.

2003.01.22, 10:28 AM
Oil shocks, a new main gear, the GPM upgrade and bearings, and a nice red insulated antenna from MZR.

2003.02.01, 02:14 PM
Hey, not to steal the limelight, but I just got a new Red Pajero too! I havent ordered any new parts for it, heck, I haven't even got it out the box its so new, but just wanted to share.

What new parts do you guys recommend? Thanks!

2003.02.01, 11:17 PM
Mine is arriving this week.

I'm also getting a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI body for my street racer.

Rally on!

2003.02.02, 09:08 AM
Id hold out on most GPM parts.. A few of us are not happy with the shocks & others.

I would only get the 9 bearing kit, hop-up motor & derilin main gear. Unless you want looks over performance.

My 2 cents