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2003.01.22, 08:28 PM
anyone know if we can put in normal servos like the HS-50 into our Mini Z board, to replace the current servo setup?

i notice there are 3 wires for signal/power and 2 wires from the potentiometer. can we just use the 3 wires to connect to normal servo?

2003.01.22, 08:32 PM
all you need to do is yank the circuit board out of the HS-50, and wire the pot and motor in the hs-50 directly to the Mini-Z board (4 wires as needed)

2003.01.22, 08:42 PM
actually the idea is not to yank out the hs-50 board but to use the servo as it is and throw away the existing mini-z servo/steering setup.

I am planning to custom make a new steering setup for my mini z. something similar to the 1/12 pan car type.

which wire from the servo (white, red, black) goes to which wire on the mini z board?

2003.01.22, 08:46 PM
Well, drac already answered that ;) The servo with its 3 wires will not work with the 4 wire setup needed by the Z's stock ESC. If you remove the tiny circuit board from the micro servo you want to put in, then the servo now operates on 4 wires instead of 3. Then you will have to just solder them on in place of the 4 wires from the stock servo.

The other option would be to leave the 3 wire setup as it is, and replace the ESC with another ESC / RX setup, such as small 1/10 scale equipment like the Novak Atom or the Airtronics ES-01.

2003.01.22, 08:53 PM
thanks for the quick responses. appreciate that.

ok i got that. but where on the servo board goes to which wire
on the miniz board? I dont plan to get a new RX/ESC coz i already spent a bomb upgrading my FETs.

2003.01.22, 10:42 PM
what i mean is where does the 4 wires from the miniz board go to which part of the board in the servo?

2003.01.22, 10:48 PM
They don't.

Crack open your mini-z servo & look... 2 wires go to the motor & 2 wires go to the potentiometer.

Now crack open the hitec servo & look. 3 wires run to the circuit board and off that... 2o go to the motor & 2 go to the potentiometer.

You can't use the servo as it sits with the mini-z electronics.

2003.01.23, 01:59 AM
Reason for removing it, is the circuit board that is normaly in servos, and that is in the HS-50, is BUILT IN to the mini-z esc... (another way they could potentialy make it smaller).

Also the HS 55 is plenty small enough, and I think costs a few bucks less. the HS 55 is about the size of the skinny area of the Mini-Z servo... the HS 50 is I think a bit smaller then the HS 55? Smaller can mean easier to strip gears... but if using a servo saver (plenty of room)... it wont be so bad.

I have 2 HS 55 here with me I just got recently, for putting in a aircraft that I will eventualy build, be it a kit, or a conversion of a walmart toss-glider... hopefuly a Zagi FiXX ;). http://www.zagi.com

2003.01.23, 04:54 AM

just to let you know that it can be done... ask master donut... in one of his mini-z's he totally took out all the electronics, and (painstakingly - to me that is) put small scale electronics on his z... now it's stable and solid as a rock... no more twitching steering syndrome... just don't know what type of electronics he used... :D

2003.01.23, 05:04 AM
i got it now. that means i can use the hs-50 servo provided i throw away the board on the servo and use the one on the miniz.

has anyone tried this setup before? i still want to use the miniz's rx/esc cos it fits nicely. its just that the servo assembly is too long.

Bodie Jr
2003.01.27, 06:35 PM
Thinking about upgrading the electronics in my Z also. More than likely using a homebuilt chassis though. I might use this ESC.


I'll keep ya'll posted.....;)

2003.01.27, 06:57 PM
I did all this over a year ago for the 35 mph mini z.

I used: Keyence Ao7R ESC, Shredder Rcvr., CS20BB servo.

Worked great.

2003.01.28, 12:52 PM

2003.01.30, 08:06 PM

any pictures of the conversion? i am wondering how you link the sub servo to the existing mini z steering linkage.