View Full Version : can u touch receiver to transmitter?

2003.01.23, 02:03 PM
i got my mini z a few weeks ago. i have a tlp twin turbo r and ball bearings on it. i accidentally touched my receiver antenna to my transmitter antenna. it went whacko until i reset it. ever since then ive got a lot of servo twitch and the acceleration is kind of wierd. dont know what i did. can someone help me

2003.01.23, 03:46 PM
yeah, that is a bad. I dont' know what it does, but if you look for draconious (sp?) in the forums and ask him, he is the guru when it comes to stuff like that.

Good luck! and get and insulated antannea from MZR.com!!! :cool:

2003.01.24, 12:32 AM
its a very bad idea if you do this, and I hear a ton of people here still do it...:( you have to be careful, as it can fry your electronis pretty bad... and that will cost you quite a bit to replace...:(

2003.01.24, 12:48 AM
Hmm...I for one think something else has happened here...I have done this on numerous occasions, and my Z has none of the symptoms you described. ARE YOU SURE that the antenna has not touched the batteries or motor terminals?
Another tangent:V
Try this: remove the TLP turbo, and hook up the stock motor to the ESC and test it...is it still exhibiting the same symptoms? Let us know...as it could be the turbo putting out interference that is causing this.

2003.01.24, 12:53 AM
psy, thats very possible, but I have heard this sad story one two many times from a lot of z owners... but thats true, he should take the turbo off to see if thats all it is... thats better I would think... replace a turbo instead of EVERYTHING...:(

2003.01.24, 12:55 PM
There is no big deal touching the two antennas together... all it will do is confuse the reciever with a "closer to it" signal... there is no actual conduction from one item to the other.. its not a complete circuit, now if one antenna was touching the motor and then you touched the two together then you got problems ;)

If you touch any item, especialy the transmitter antenna to the Reciever antenna, it will change the signal being heard... kinda like chaning the length of the antenna... thus it will listen and do different things, usualy random things like jerk the servo side to side realy fast... wich is not very good for the components, so in this respect it might be a bad thing... its just uneeded wear, but its not as bad as turning the TX off before you turn the car off.. wich realy gets random signals ;)....

on a similar note...
The antenna length thing is why, a frayed or damaged strand in the black or white wire that leads to the antenna, is a bad thing... bumps etc will cause the frayed part to touch/not touch changes the signal... thus maintanance of that wire is a must.

2003.01.24, 04:27 PM
hey i took out the turbo and all works fine

2003.01.24, 04:32 PM
Glad to hear all is well without the turbo...go for a FET upgrade next time..no probs with interference like ext turbos :)