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myworldtech Z
2003.01.24, 03:17 PM
I have the Porsche GT3
rear spring shock
CF H plate
stainless kings pins
front springs upgraded to med.
X Speed motor

on order parts:
alum server gears
Nissan body

When I finish my nissan body I will get some pictures. I have black racing strips on the yellow GT3 its only electrical tape cause this body is for just goofing off and having the ferrets chase the car, and no the ferrets won't touch the skyline body!
I also cut the stock antena in half. distance lose isn't noticable at all. i have used it outside and got about 40-50 feet from the car so I can't see how it would affect my range at a track or any place that would matter. I do notice interference from all the truckers in the area since the freqs are so close and there are tons of trucks on route 27 in FL so I run mostly at night.

I hear people sayin a good hopup would be the rear stuff can't think if the currect name sorry. I understand about handling etc. what manufacturer etc would be best that I can buy at a store in the Orlando/Tampa area I don't have online buying ability so online is not an option.

2003.01.24, 04:27 PM
stainless kings pines

WOW great job, sounds like a sweet car...:) hey curious how in the world were you able to mount trees on your car, and still have room for batteries etc???:) (king pines)...:) j/k hey man talk to david here at the shop he can get you all you need CHEAP!!! check out his ball diff and ceramic balls for $19.99!!! a great deal!!!

myworldtech Z
2003.01.24, 10:24 PM
[QUOTE]I don't have online buying ability so online is not an option.

2003.01.25, 08:08 PM
I don't have online buying ability so online is not an option

you can still purchase items from this site using money orders. i've done it and works out very well

myworldtech Z
2003.01.25, 08:13 PM
oh well thats good to know hmmm time to go shopping ..........

myworldtech Z
2003.01.31, 05:26 PM
Well I finally got the skyline body. don't really want to cross post so I will refer this to my other post.

info on skyline GTR body for my Mini-Z (http://www.minizracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6367)