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2002.01.03, 02:22 PM
has anyone ever used a tamiya sport tuned motor? will it fit the mini-z?

2002.01.03, 03:03 PM
never heard of it..is it a 130 size motor? If it is, it will fit, but I don't know about the power consumption. Like I said, I've never heard of it.

You aren't talking about the "Torque" Tuned motor, are you?


2002.01.03, 03:07 PM
i found it here (http://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcitem/parts/mini741.htm) i dunno what the size is.

2002.01.03, 03:11 PM
no, won't fit...too big...says 540 right in the add :)



2002.01.03, 03:56 PM

Russ, could you imagine a Mini-Z with a 'tuned' 540 motor?
Wow, hell, I'd settle for a stock 380 if they'd fit :D

Yep, the Mini-Z's use 130 motors guys, remember that.

Also take into consideration, many people have fried the Mini-Z's ESC/RX board using Tamiya motors with and without a 'Turbo'

Use a GPM or X-Speed, they were after all designed for the Mini-Z and if they arent quick enough, fit a Turbo. Want to go faster? Then look at Initialdeeznutz's killer 30MPH plus motors for sale on eBay!


2002.01.03, 06:21 PM
My friend fried his ESC when he tried a tamiya. He didn't have a turbo--that might have been the problem. He now has an Xspeed.
I have one of Initialdeeznutz's SHO motors. I have ran it hard and I can say it is FAST! It out ran my friends Xspeed. I can only imagine how it would run with a turbo.
Stay Cool:cool:

2002.01.06, 12:56 AM
hehe that would be cool if you can fit a 540 on mini zs... I wonder how it'll drive...anyone got time and skills to try it?:D