View Full Version : How long did your stock motor last?

2003.01.25, 07:15 PM
How long did your stock motor last before you had to rebuild it?

I'm still tweaking the handling and learning to drive. Just wondering how long until I have to open up the stock motor.


2003.01.25, 08:13 PM
Stock motors last until you finally decide to get a better one! :D

2003.01.25, 09:09 PM
you should never HAVE to open it... even cleaning it can be done with out opening it... stock motors that are not abused (more then 4 cells etc) will last longer then you probly care to bother counting, the only exception would be the wires will likely come off the solder points if not reinforced when motor is new...

2003.01.26, 11:28 AM

rebuilding the motor is... er... actually they're throw away motors... so instead of rebuilding them, just get a new one...

i really haven't used one to death just yet though... both cheezedog and drac do have valid points... so in the meantime... have fun running your stock... if you do intend to upgrade give the mzr.com motors a look... i've got a couple and they do prove to be a bit faster than an x-speed :D

just out of curiosity, has anyone run his stock motor to death, as in the brushes are totally gone? how long did it take?

2003.01.28, 06:17 PM
Thanks for the info guys. People here are very helpful as usual.

2003.02.17, 06:44 PM
I have evidently killed two stock motors. I opened it up and though the comm doesn't look to bad, the brushes (one side at least) are all screwed. It took all of 1 week, about 4 hours total running time.