View Full Version : Pitzon in some training

2003.01.30, 06:57 PM
This is an old movie of me training at a track here in Sweden..

I drive the silverish car :D

* You need "Quicktime" to get it running and its around 10 Mb

Some Mini-Z training (http://www.cenara.com/users/ce00549/Mini-z/Film/Pitzon%20testar%20banan.MOV)

2003.01.30, 10:20 PM
holy sh*t

you get sideways on the turn nearest to the camera every time:D

what kind of motor were you running?

it makes my z look like a snail:(

2003.01.31, 03:31 AM
Well i use a stock PN S-01 here and external turbo.. This was before internal turbo and hotter motors :D

2003.01.31, 06:19 AM
Hey Pitzon..where else do you have this vid..I went to dload it, and I already have it..it appears I have had it since October 3 2002. Very fine driving skillz I might add;)

2003.01.31, 06:27 AM
Yes itīs quite old as i said in the first post.. I made some room for it again on my webplace.. The old post is somewhere in the "Cars and drivers" i think..

2003.01.31, 06:35 AM
Yeah I just could not remember where and how I got it is all;)...it's all good:)

2003.01.31, 02:16 PM
220 kB/sec :p

Sorry Pitzon, I can't play the vid, Quicktime refuses it :(

It's 7mb when I download it :confused:, I can't stream it btw

2003.01.31, 02:42 PM
Try "Save as" and download the whole file first.. I can download it and some other racers to.. It should be 10,1 Mb

2003.01.31, 02:51 PM
I always do that Pitzon :), I downloaded Download Accelerator Plus and now it went prefectly.

Great vid, skilled driving there Pitzon :)

The red car sounds really stocky :D

2003.02.03, 01:45 PM
When we r going to c ur F1 in action? :D

2003.02.03, 01:57 PM
I will try to make a video of that one on our track.. It really flies now the little F1 :D

Yugo DSC Maxxer
2003.06.17, 10:24 PM
Vid won't work!:confused:
Is there any other thingy you can get this through?
I want to know about sideways!:p

2003.06.28, 09:48 PM
Great driving! Is that your track? Great track too...

2003.08.05, 03:15 PM
really nice i am anticipating the arival of my z, hope i aint disapontied