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2002.01.04, 11:53 AM
I was wondering if anyone knew of tracks that cater to the MiniZ. I have a local spot that I race during the week, but the track doesn't change much... and the carpet is terrible (lots of pressure indentations that high side both my CLK and my F1).

2002.01.12, 07:37 AM
Ok, it looks like no one knows of any tracks in CT for the MiniZ. So, I'm going to build one. I want to build it 12-24" off of the ground, with multi-levels. What should I use for asphalt surface? I was thinking of modeling it after a REAL track, but then it would hamper originality. Anyways, what do you guys suggest for a minimal track width x length for the MiniZ and F1? What about minimal width for the lanes?

My area that I'm going to use is about 25x12 or so. I would like to make it somewhat compact, but I DON'T want to hamper the handling of the F1... since it needs a little more space to take the turns. So, here are the questions I have...

1. What is the minimal width and length (to fit both Racer and F1)?
2. What is the minimal lane width?
3. What type of surface could I use that would provide excellent grip, but not wear down the tires excessively?
4. Any layout ideas/opinions?
5. And most importantly.... Automatic Lap Counting... any ideas?

Thanks for any help!

2002.01.13, 08:05 AM
On lap counter give http://www.slotrace.com/laptimer/hardware.html a look
should do the job

2002.01.13, 09:18 AM
Unfortunately, that's for slot cars, and won't differntiate between different cars.

2002.01.13, 03:58 PM
Your 25x12 is in feet right? (largest space Ive seen yet). In that area do you need a place to stand? access the cars is that a walled room with furnature out door space? Is a "bridge" acceptable, in other words have any plywood?.

Flat as possible carpet seems to work best, with as few threads sticking up as possible. OZITE is the common brand, and is on the expensive side.

16" is my personal minimum (only allows (4) 4" lanes of traffic)... and that is kinda pushing it... 18" feels a bit more free... and 20" lets you get a bit more recless.

If you or any one you know can program Visual Basic, or C++ or someting that can control the LPT port out put values, and input values.. then I have a way you can make a lap counter via using a PCGADGET II ($150) - 4 to 12 laser pointers (cheap 1$ each), and 4 to 12 light sensors (50 cents ea.). see: http://www.pcgadget.com
I am working on a program to do this via C++ but I aint going to finish it any time soon... (have not even started)

2002.01.13, 08:16 PM
Well, after talking with the Wife, 25x12 was too much space (she wanted some back). So, I'm looking at something more like 14x8 now (shucks!). Well, I'm definately going to put an upper level on it so I could make a little more space out of it. The laser pointer lap counter thingy I saw on a site before. That one looks like the only viable solution at this time.
Well, we'll see... I'm still working on getting more space from her!

2002.01.14, 04:53 AM
Oh well ;) -- well here is more motivation to talk her into giving up the whole area.. however dont let her see it, cuz first thing she will think is.. YOU DONT NEED THAT MUCH SPACE! hehe...

I had a lot of fun with this wide open space :) - even if this was a permanent track it still has variableness.
500mm (19.6 inches!!) from curb to curb (with a curb thickenss of 0)

You could suspend the whole thing from the cieling ;) and like lower it when you use it, and raise it when she wants the room... would work good for rooms were wifes have dance halls etc in their homes.. cuz its just an empty floor, wasted mini-z space too slick of a floor.

Or you could just roll up the carpet surface and keep the hose/pipe foam stored next to it.. -- at least use the BIG track when you have guests over for a Z party :D.

That size I thought it was going in a store or someting.

2002.01.14, 05:31 AM
On the lap counter it is true that the one shown on page http://www.slotrace.com/laptimer/hardware.html the loght beam gose vertical. You need to have the light beams horisontal and in different heights combine with a flag on each cars antenna to break the light beam.


2002.01.14, 05:38 AM
NICE layout! Actually, it was going into a fairly large basement. We have an attic that is actually fairly large... and I was thinking of making one up there (since it would end up being a play room). I might take one of the extra bedrooms and convert it to a playroom for my son. Then I could have the attic, and leave the basement for storage. The only problem she had was having guests (which would be once a week) track through the house to get to the attic. I dunno, things are still up in the air.