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2003.02.03, 03:45 AM
hmm so what have i been up to?... well nothing much really... it's just that i was toying around with the idea of putting those oversized original teile tamiya 1/24 scale decals on my old clk body... i saw somebody do this and since he was able to do it... i reckon, i could do that... and so i was up to the challenge...

below is a sample...


2003.02.03, 03:53 AM
it looked cool on black... i borrowed it from him for reference... now on to my car...

being 1/24 scale decals... you have to have a lot of patience for this particular project... as it was very draining... materials include a sharp xacto knife, ruler, fine tweezers, a couple of q-tips and a very steady hand...

i had to cut some parts of the decal out just to make it fit on the body... save the cut out parts though... you'll be needing them later...


2003.02.03, 03:56 AM
make sure that the cut out parts fit the body... and use the xacto cutter to cut off the pieces that don't quite fit...


2003.02.03, 04:00 AM
after putting the decal in the proper location (using a wet q-tip/tweezers), some parts will be off... so just cut that out with the exacto knife as well...


2003.02.03, 04:11 AM
after taking out the exess, and smoothing it over with a wet q-tip, it's time to use that cut out piece... luckily it's transparent, putting it over the other decal won't be too noticeable


2003.02.03, 04:17 AM
this is what the finished side looks like...

note the decal on the top of the side flairing... while cutting out the decal to fit the side of the car, i saved the bottom part... then i used this to put it where it is right now...

save the decals when you think you can use them someplace on the car...


2003.02.03, 04:22 AM
so after all that cutting and sticking, and more cutting... here's the semi finished body...


2003.02.03, 04:29 AM
here's a close-up of the hood... man thos decals on the fender fins were really a pain...


2003.02.03, 04:32 AM
because of the scale, some of the fender decals didn't quite align properly... here's a view from the other side... so you'll see what i mean...


2003.02.03, 04:39 AM
top view...


2003.02.03, 04:43 AM
last pic for now... from the back... now all it needs, is a couple of coats of clear to protect the decals....


2003.02.03, 09:14 AM
You did a pretty awesome job herman. Looking good!

Skylineboy :)

2003.02.03, 01:00 PM
Very nice. The Original-Teile car is still one of the most beautiful cars in the DTM lineup. Having to make the stickers conform to the ridges on the front fender flare must've been a real pain. You had more surface area to cover there. Any problems because of that? You did the wing too, right? And new mirrors too?

You should take pics of the newly finished body side by side with the Kyosho Original Teile body.

why compete??
2003.02.03, 11:33 PM
that is 1 really really nice decling there... maaad quality job.......

with the orange did u piatn that?? and also did u paint blue on the body coz it look sweeeet

NICE JOB i wish i had the patience 2 do that...... how long did it take u ???

2003.02.04, 02:21 AM
Originally posted by Fish
Having to make the stickers conform to the ridges on the front fender flare must've been a real pain. You had more surface area to cover there. Any problems because of that? You did the wing too, right? And new mirrors too?

yep you said it... the problems are with cutting the already small decals... and having them conform to the ridges, such tiny ridges at that... patience and a steady hand is the key... sometimes i couldn't approximate where the decals would meet when i put them on... thus cutting some of the decals wouldn't match up perfectly... but heck i'm not complaining...

wing what wing? hehehe... well i took the wing off while putting on the decals, no decals to add there... it's going back on when it's done... as for the mirrors... well sorry to disappoint... at the track, those things are the first to come off... i have been contemplating on making a scratch built pair painted in fluorescent orange though...

i'll try to take a side by side picture when i get the chance...

2003.02.04, 02:37 AM
Originally posted by why compete??
that is 1 really really nice decling there... maaad quality job.......

with the orange did u piatn that?? and also did u paint blue on the body coz it look sweeeet

NICE JOB i wish i had the patience 2 do that...... how long did it take u ???

thanks for the compliment...

all the paint i used was tamiya paint... i painted the body racing white (which is like a creamy type of white) then i painted part of the hood metalic blue... then i used fluorecent orange for the fender and rear bumper (this was mostly inspired by the orange on the 2002 mugen nsx)... i figured it would help me visually spot my car against other cars because of the bright orange...

the whole thing probably took me at least a month and a half to do (on and off)... if i had all the time in the world... maybe 4 days... or less... most of it actually is painting, and thinking of which decal goes where... cutting, estimating, and more cutting... can't reiterate that patience and a steady hand would be some of the qualities that you must have... :D

thanks for all your compliments

Tommi Makkinen
2003.02.05, 09:50 PM
Nice job herman, nice job! wish my skills were half as good as yours...

2003.02.13, 01:36 AM
finally it's done...

here's a pic... with square clk rims


2003.02.13, 01:37 AM
another view...


2003.02.13, 01:43 AM


2003.02.13, 01:46 AM
with gun metal clk alloy rims


2003.02.13, 01:47 AM


2003.02.13, 01:49 AM
silver alloy bbs rims


2003.02.13, 01:51 AM
another view


2003.02.13, 01:53 AM


2003.02.13, 01:55 AM
square 6 spoke inch up rims...


2003.02.13, 01:59 AM


2003.02.13, 02:01 AM
last two promise...:)


2003.02.13, 02:04 AM
the end...:D


oh yeah by the way... which rim is the best?

2003.02.14, 09:19 PM
placing a few decals takes patience. to retrofit an entire car with 24th scale decals... good grief. i'd of gone blind. you definately have some talent. great work

and i vote for the inch ups. those 6 spokes look good on that car.

2003.02.14, 10:09 PM
thanks west for your input... hehehe, actually i am blind... (clinically that is... -4.00 in both eyes with astigmatism)... after the project man i just had to give those eyes a rest...

guess, it was basically patience, and having the will to have it done, that kept me going... hardly leave things unfinished once i get them started... unfortunately it took quite some time for me to have it done... lot's of other stuff to do... like work, hehehe....

has mclaren launched their latest f-1 yet? :D

2003.02.15, 02:42 AM
Lookin' good. I'd vote for the Square CLK rims, just because they look more like the actual car's, but the Square 6-spokes look real good too.

Looks too good to scuff up on track. Are you brave enough to race with that body?

2003.02.17, 02:38 AM
Originally posted by Fish
Looks too good to scuff up on track. Are you brave enough to race with that body?

hehehe... i said to myself, whatever the outcome, i will definitely run this body on the track... sigh... now that you mention it... i really don't know...

the track is still being fixed, don't know when they intend to open... :(

2018.09.04, 06:47 AM
Curious, after all this time, do you still have this? I actually don't hold on to most of the stuff I do. There are a couple that I wish I had kept but it's probably for the best that I don't given my lack of space to display/store them.

2018.09.04, 08:54 PM
Hi arch, surprisingly after all this time, yes i still have it... :)

Most of my involvement in miniz is now relegated to collecting a body here and there... and in spite of its scale, it is becoming harder to find the "space" to display or store them...

2018.09.05, 06:47 AM
I have the same problem, a closet of plastic bins with various collections. Every so often I thin out my collections as it's easy to hold on to everything but hard to appreciate it when it's relegated to storage. I really only collect limited release autoscales and those I use for racing these days. Most of my customs collection has found homes elsewhere or beaten up on the track.

Its nice to revisit projects like this in which clear skill was employed to tailor the decals to the body, no easy feat with graphics as busy as that.

Square really did make the most beautiful wheels.

2018.09.06, 08:24 AM
When you posted the pic of this car in the other thread, I thought it was the ASC. Looks so good.

2018.09.08, 12:20 AM
Square really did make the most beautiful wheels.

Yeah, I wish we still had several styles of nice alloy wheels to choose from. I missed out on that. The r246 wheels look nice, but more variety than silver vs bronze would be welcome.

Herman, I know this is an old project, but you did a beautiful job! This body is stunning.