View Full Version : motor building

2003.02.04, 05:26 PM
how do you install Neo Magnets and a ball bearing case?

2003.02.05, 11:17 PM
go to www.pn-racing.com they will teach u how just click the how to upgrade ur so1 to so1 plus

2003.02.06, 01:27 AM
Their way requires soldering iron, mine does not ;) -- all ya gota do is pull the end bell off wth out the brushes attached.. and bend the brushes up... (actauly bending the capacitor wires not the brushes).

As for opening the can, dont use a micro screw driver like they show, unless its realy strong, you will wind up ruining the tip... the only tool ive found that works good and dont ruin itself is on my pocket knife... its supose to be a fatter, smaller screw driver I guess... (doh another 4 months went by and I didnt get a photo of it yet! hehehe).